Daily Devotional for Saturday July 12, 2008

The Jonah Project

(Jonah 1:2)

"Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me." Jonah 1:2

The Jonah Project. My friend, I can't even begin to tell you how heavy my heart has been about this nation, the world we live in, and so many people dying every day and spending eternity in hell. The fact is, this nation and world could be looking forward each day to God's blessings, instead of awaiting His soon coming wrath and judgment. So many people die each day and end up in hell, when many of them would have accepted Jesus as their Savior and been spending eternity in Heaven if someone had only told them how to be saved. I have spent much of the past month on my face before the Lord, asking Him to forgive me and impart to me fresh vision and a fresh anointing.

After nearly 20 years of ministry, 9 years of Liveprayer at the end of August, I have to take personal responsibility for the spiritual state of our nation, our world, and so many souls who needlessly ended up in hell. In spite of all that Liveprayer accomplishes each day for the Kingdom, the impact we have in so many lives, the fact is I have failed God because I should have been doing more, could have been doing more. I've recommitted my heart and life to the Lord and vowed I will not rest until my work is finished. I will not be satisfied until every effort has been exhausted to turn this nation back to God and His Truth, to bring that message to all the other nations around the world, and insure every breathing soul has had the chance to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!

2,900 years ago, God called a man named Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and warn the people of that great city of God's coming judgment if they didn't repent, turn from their sin and back to God. We know that Jonah ran from that call and God had to get his attention by sending a great fish after him. After that experience, Jonah decided it was better to obey God and went to Nineveh, delivered the message God called him to deliver to the people, and Nineveh repented, turned back to God, and was spared His judgment. As wicked as this nation is, I have hope that we can repent and turn back to God just like the people of Nineveh did!!!

38 years ago, at age 12 I accepted Jesus as my Savior and God called me to serve Him. At the age of 20 I ran from God and His calling. However, God sent a great fish after me as well. That "great fish" was the United States government. After 30 months in the "belly of the fish," I decided that it would be much better to obey God than to run. For the past 18 years I have been faithfully serving the Lord, declaring His Truth to this world and the hope we have in Christ to the lost and hurting. After 18 years of ministry, God is now calling me to deliver that message of repentance to this nation, this world, and to each individual like I have never done before.

Next Monday, July 7th, Liveprayer will initiate the Jonah Project. The goal of the Jonah Project will be to bring the Gospel to every soul on the face of the earth and give each person the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. In addition, we will call this nation to repentance and to turn back to God and the Truth of His Word or face His wrath and judgment. We will make that call of repentance to the other nations of the world as well, warning them of God's impending judgment if they refuse.

The key to the Jonah Project will be a major daily presence on secular television and radio. The Lord recently brought together a small group of 21 people who have invested to fund the development of our 24/7 Internet TV and radio feeds. We are light years ahead of anyone in broadcasting live video and audio on the Internet, and have already developed a presence that will do nothing but grow exponentially each month, which will generate advertising revenues to offset all of the operating costs. While the Internet is the worldwide communications tool of the future and the platform ALL broadcasting will be on in a few years, there is still a need for a national presence on secular television and radio because of the ability to reach the masses and the credibility it carries.


The Jonah Project is currently securing contracts for the Liveprayer TV program to be seen "live," for an hour 5 nights a week, on a major secular cable network reaching the entire nation starting Monday, October 6th. Also starting October 6th will be the Liveprayer radio program on a secular network of stations throughout the nation. The TV and radio programs will be simulcast on the Liveprayer website for worldwide distribution.

The need for the TV and radio presence is this. There is NO PERSON with a daily presence on secular TV and radio who is reaching the non-Christian masses, dealing with the issues of the day and in people's lives from a Biblical worldview and sharing the fact Jesus is the only hope for this life and for all eternity. This national TV and radio program will not only be used to call this nation to repentance and to turn back to God, but will be the only true voice in the market place for God's Truth. Like Liveprayer on the Internet, it will become a place for the remnant to gather and be mobilized to take action in these last days.

Let me be blunt with you. There is NO EXCUSE we still slaughter 4,000 babies in this nation every day. There is NO EXCUSE we have men marrying men and women marrying women in this nation. The is NO EXCUSE for the proliferation of porn and gambling. There is NO EXCUSE that the media puts out the unfiltered garbage it does 24/7. THERE IS NO EXCUSE THAT SATAN IS ABLE TO INFLUENCE THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE MASSES 24/7 WITHOUT ANY OPPOSITION! I echo the challenge Elijah issued to the people of his day on Mt. Carmel, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him."

Here is the reality of where we are at today. We have forsaken God for the false gods and idols of the world. Whoever is elected our next President will be no friend of God. The economy is not going to get better anytime soon, it is going to get worse. The heart of our society, marriage and the family, has been decimated. We are in all out rebellion to God and evil operates virtually unopposed throughout this nation and world. Our nation and this world is overdue the wrath and judgment of God for our gross wickedness. Now is the hour for the message of Jonah to be delivered to this nation before it is too late. Our time is up and we are currently operating on God's grace and mercy at this point.

There are many great ministries with incredible financial resources, however, their limited vision is to simply keep preaching to the choir that fills their coffers while the world around them perishes. There are many great organizations who focus on the social issues of the day, but they never succeed because they have no real voice or ability to mobilize the masses to achieve victory, and in some cases don't want victory since that would put them out of business. Too many of those in leadership have compromised the Truth of the Word and sold out for the comfort and trappings of this temporal world, having no real vision to influence the world for Christ, but allowing this fallen world to influence them.

A great example of that is Bishop TD Jakes. He appears often on his buddy Dr. Phil's program, and if you didn't know he was a pastor, you would never know it. He NEVER mentions Jesus. He NEVER gives advice from the Bible. He will soon be starting his own program, funded and promoted by Dr. Phil's production company, to help people deal with the problems of life. Another contrived talk show that exploits people for their problems, without offering them the only true hope and answer there is, JESUS! Sadly, to gain favor with the world and generate a huge payday, this supposed man of God decided to trade in the Truth of the Bible and the hope of Christ for the temporal fame and fortune this world offers.

A byproduct of the Jonah Project will be the start of the Liveprayer Church on Sunday, September 7th. This will be a global fellowship of Believers through the Internet. There will be a weekly church service every Sunday morning that will be archived for people to watch at their leisure. The focus of this new on-line church will be to preach the Truth of the Word, disciple new believers, and equip the saints to serve the Lord. The primary objective will be on evangelism, unleashing tens of thousands of evangelists on the Internet as well as in their local communities. In addition to the Sunday service, there will be a weekly discipleship class for new Believers, a weekly Bible study, as well as evangelism training.

I still pray for and support the local church, but after nearly 9 years of working with local churches around the country trying to place new converts, get them properly discipled in their new faith, trusting they would be fed the Truth of the Bible, and being let down over and over, I decided it was time to create a global on-line church where I knew people would be taken care of. It will be a home church for those who have been hurt and disenfranchised by other churches, yet who still need to be fed spiritually. It will be a starting place for those who get saved through Liveprayer, since I know they will receive the critical discipleship all new Believers need, and a place where they will be fed each week from the Bible, learn to serve, and grow in their faith.


I love you and care about you so much. It is clear that over the past 6 years of ministering on secular television 5 nights a week, my numerous appearances on FOX, CNN, with Howard Stern, Bubba, and many other programs I have appeared on, the Lord has raised me up and prepared me for this hour. Please be praying as we launch the Johan Project next Monday. We will have a separate website just for this special project and be raising $12 million over the next 90 days to fund the purchase of the first 6 months of air time on TV and radio. Each program will not only reach the lost and non-Christian, but bring the Christians in the audience into what we are doing.

We will be launching a major public relations campaign next week to promote the Jonah Project, and would like to see 100,000 Believers support this effort. If Senator Obama can raise $30 million so he can fly around the country and hold speeches conning people that he will change things, we can raise less than 1/2 of that amount to bring about the greatest change of all, leading this nation back to God and righteousness! If he can find people to give him millions to help slaughter babies and make a mockery of God's Holy Institution of Marriage, we can find people to help us end this practice of legalized infanticide, insure marriage remains between a man and a woman, and fight other social ills that is destroying our nation from within.

I fully understand why Jonah ran from God's calling. Despite being faithful and bold, I too have been running from what I know God has been calling me to do. At some point you have to decide how committed you really are to serving the Lord. At some point there is no turning back. Over these past 10 months there has been many times when I wanted out. I was tired. I wanted my life back. I just wanted God to leave me alone so I could do what I wanted for the few years I have left. But the Lord reminded me over and over during this struggle that it was no longer my life, it was His. I was his servant. Now it is time for this servant to step up to the plate and fulfill his calling. I have totally let go of this world and only seek to serve the Lord with whatever breath remains. It is time to go to this modern day Nineveh and deliver the word of the Lord!!!

*Please read: http://liveprayer.com/ddarchive3.cfm?id=3382

In His love and service, Your friend and brother in Christ, Bill Keller