Daily Devotional for Sunday March 9, 2008

Are You Enjoying Your Life

(John 10:10)

> "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more > abundantly." (John 10:10 KJV) > > Are you enjoying your life? Seriously, take a moment right now, think, and > honestly answer me, are you enjoying your life? I am not asking you if > everything is perfect in your life, since that will never be the case. We > will always have things that we are facing, battles to fight, challenges > to > overcome, that is simply part of living in this sin-filled and fallen > world > we are passing through. But today I want you to take some time and reflect > and tell me whether you are enjoying your life or not. > > In my time with the Lord very early this morning, this is the question God > asked me. As I was praying for the things I had on my list to pray for, > spending some time after that just fellowshipping with the Lord and > talking > to Him about different issues, He stopped me and simply asked, "Bill, are > you enjoying your life?" Without any hesitation I told the Lord that yes, > I > was really enjoying my life. Despite the problems and trials we all have > to > face in our life, despite the never-ending challenges of Liveprayer, the > bottom line is I look forward to each day and truly enjoy my life. > > Afterwards, I was thinking back about this seemingly strange question He > had > asked me, but the more I thought about it the less strange it really was. > You see, the Lord wants us to enjoy our life. After all, the Bible tells > us > that He came to give us life and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY! This is a Biblical > truth that we often forget and I am afraid a promise from the Lord we > don't > embrace enough. What happens is we get so caught up in our day-to-day > trials > and tribulations we forget that we are supposed to be enjoying our life > along the way. > > Here is the key and the message I want you to hear today. No matter what > your trials may be, no matter what your challenges may be, no matter what > your battles may be, you can still enjoy your life and embrace the promise > that Jesus came to not just give us life, but life more abundantly! That > means despite the hurts and pains you may be experiencing today, you can > still enjoy your life and the abundance Christ promised you. > > I already know many of you have stopped reading and are typing emails that > basically are asking me how you can enjoy your life when you are going > through a divorce, or dealing with a major health crisis, or in bondage to > some addiction, or have serious financial problems, or children who are > living in rebellion to God, or need a job, or any number of things that > may > be going on in your life today. The answer is your relationship with > Christ! > Because of HIM, you can face all of the problems that are out there and > still enjoy your life. > > Jesus told His disciples in the Garden that they would have trials and > tribulations in their life, but He added to "be of good cheer" because He > had overcome this world. We can never forget that because of the victory > Christ won on the cross 2000 years ago, we have the victory over whatever > problems life may bring our way. We can go through a divorce and be > victorious. We can battle major health problems and be victorious. We can > battle an addiction and be victorious. We can face severe financial > problems > and be victorious. We can face whatever life throws our way and be > victorious because of HIM!!! > > I love you and care about you so much. I want to encourage you today that > if > you are not enjoying your life, it is time to START! The fact is today is > the only day you are certain of, tomorrow is promised to none of us. Each > day we wake up is a gift from God and we need to treat it as such. No > matter > what we may have to face during the day, we have to never forget that > Christ > is living within us, we have His strength, can live in His victory, and > that > is why we can go through the day with that peace that passes all human > understanding and unspeakable joy. > > I will be praying for you today to start enjoying your life. Simply know > that it is never going to be perfect and that there will always be > challenges to face, hurdles to overcome, and trials to endure. That is > just > part of this journey we are on. However, because you know Jesus, you have > His strength, His promises, His hope, and the assurance that when this > short > journey is over you will be forever with Him. > > Are you enjoying your life? If the answer is no, then you better start. > Life > is too short to not enjoy it. The greatest enjoyment of all is when we are > fulfilling our purpose which is to serve and glorify Him with our life. I > can guarantee you that if you are allowing the Lord to use your life you > will not only find that perfect peace and great joy, but each day ENJOY > YOUR > LIFE!!!