Daily Devotional for Tuesday January 29, 2008

An Evil Tool of Satan Masquerading as a Godly Grandfather is Burning in Hell

(Galatians 1:6-12)

An evil tool of satan masquerading as a Godly grandfather is buring in hell for all eternity! Gordon B. Hinckley, the leader of the satanic Mormon cult is dead at 97. Hinckley saw this cult grow from 9 million members to over 13 million members worldwide during his 12-year reign as its leader. While Hinckley is already being memorialized as a "great man of God," the fact is his life has been an instrument in the hands of satan to help lead the souls of men to hell by following the false theolgy of the Mormon cult.

Many people, even Christians will rail aginst me for being so unkind, but this only illustrates the problem we have. Even Believers don't take the eternal souls of men serious enough. As I state often, this is a battle for souls. Satan is not playing games and is serious about taking as many souls into the lake of fire with him as he can. I am saddened at how many Christians either don't understand, or don't want to think about the FACT that those who die without Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, will pass from this life into eternal punishment!

I know some people are outraged that I would be "so mean" to call Mormonism a satanic cult. I receive emails all the time talking about the great works they do. First, I have no doubt that most Mormons are fine people, good people, and do great works. But being a good person and doing good works does NOT get you into Heaven. Only faith in Jesus Christ, the Jesus of the Bible, will get you into Heaven. The Mormon cult spends tens of millions of dollars each year in public relations to portray themselves as "just another Christian church."

DO NOT LET THEIR ADS FOOL YOU. They are no more a Christian church than your local mosque is!

The lie of Mormonism that I expose is not a new problem. Paul, himself, had to deal with the issue of "cults"-those who perverted the Gospel-almost from the very beginning. He spoke of it often in his writings, as in today's anchor verses in his letter to the church at Galatia. This is nothing new.

Here are just a few of the theological issues that makes the satanic Mormon cult totally inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and why a Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is. The god of the Mormon cult is NOT the God of the Bible. Their "god" is named Elohim and was once a man like you and I who came from another planet. Mormon theology teaches that men can eventually become a god and have their own planet. When a Mormon talks about "god," he is talking about this fictitious god of Mormonism and NOT the God of the Bible!

This holds true for Jesus. The jesus of Mormon theology is not God incarnate as the Bible teaches. The Mormon jesus was not supernaturally conceived by the Holy Ghost, but the natural offspring of their "god" Elohim who had sex with Mary, meaning he is a created being no different than you and I. Mormons also teach that their jesus had several wives and children, again, in compete contradiction to what the Bible teaches. The jesus of the Mormon cult is also the spirit brother of Lucifer and will return not to the Mt. Of Olives as the Bible teaches, but to Independence, Missouri to set up his earthly Kingdom.

When a Mormon talks about "jesus," he is NOT talking about the true Jesus of the Bible! What Jesus you put your faith in is so critical, since this is why anyone who puts their faith in the imaginary jesus of Joseph Smith and the satanic Mormon cult will die in their sins and their souls burn forever in the flames of hell!

What about the Bible and true Christian churches? Mormons love to use the Bible and quote from the Bible to support their deception that they are Christians. The trademark of all cults and false religions, even those who use the Bible, is that it is NOT their final authority. In the Mormon cult, their authority does not come from the Bible which they view as incomplete and not reliable, but the writings of Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. These are the writings that form the false theology of this cult.

Mormons believe that non-Mormons are "abominations." While they don't have the guts the Muslims do to publicly call a non-Muslim an infidel who should be put to death, a Mormon views a Biblical Christian as part of a "false religion" and void of all authority.

Like in all cults, the average member hasn't got a clue what their cult really believes. You only get to know everything after you have proven yourself to be a loyal and worthy member of the cult. That is true in the Mormon cult as well. Most Mormons go to their "church," sing many of the same hymns they sing at the Baptist church down the road, give their tithe, read a few passages out of the Bible, hear a message about being a "good person," and go home.

It is only when you get to become a "temple Mormon" that you really learn all of the deep, dark, beliefs of Mormonism. The Mormon temple rituals are actually little more than the temple rituals Smith copied from another cult, Freemasonry! Smith who was involved in the Masonic cult, simply copied and incorporated their chants, handshakes, and ceremonies when he started the Mormon cult. These are the same chants, handshakes, and ceremonies Romney participated in when he took his oath to the Mormon cult above anything else, INCLUDING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND CONSTITUTION!

The average person has no idea that the ultimate goal of the Mormon cult is to establish a theocracy here in the United States. Joseph Smith, the cult's founder actually ran for the Presidency. So did Mitt Romney's father. This cult has the very real goal of establishing the "Kingdom of God," which means advancing the physical and earthly organization of the multi-billion dollar Mormon cult.

There is a special room in the Mormon Temple located in Washington, DC that has been prepared and in place for over 30 years, which will be the seat of power for the Mormon-led government which will supplant our current government. This was the vision Smith laid out less than 200 years ago, and Mitt Romney and those in the hierarchy and leadership of the Mormon cult see this as the time for that vision to become fulfilled!

I love you and care about you so much. Gordon B. Hinckley was NOT a great "man of God," but simply a tool of satan who used his life to lead millions to the false teachigns of the Mormon cult, meaning those poor souls died in their sins and are in hell for all eternity along with all who reject the Jesus of the Bible. He did not become a "god" upon his death as Mormons beleive. He didn't get his own planet full of women waitng to have sex with him. The moment he died, Hinckley stood before God and because he rejected Jesus and died in his sins, was immediately cast into hell for all eternity!

I have done my best in a limited amount of time to give you a brief overview of the false and satanic beliefs of the Mormon cult. I have just barely scratched the surface, but just in what I have shared with you today, NOBODY in their right mind could ever believe that a Mormon is a Christian. When you study Mormon theology and understand the wild beliefs of Smith and this cult, you need faith greater than I will ever hope to have to believe what they do. There is no logic to it and there is absolutely nothing they believe that has any basis in realty or can be proven.

Listen, God gave us free will, and men who live in rebellion to God since the very beginning have dreamed up the wildest and most ridiculous relgions, and sadly people who were spiritually void chose to believe their lies and will be lost for all eternity because of it. The danger of Mormonism is that they are deceptive (just look at their name, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and will lie without conscience just like the father of lies, satan (John 8:44), to get people to join their cult.

I pray today for those 13 million souls alive today who are following the lies of this cult, to turn from those lies before they take their last breath and are lost for all eternity. There is only one Truth, and that is found in the book God wrote, the Bible. There is only one way to be saved, and that is through a personal relationship by faith with the Jesus of the Bible. May those lost in the lies of the Mormon cult denounce those lies and turn to God's Word alone and faith in Jesus and be saved so they don't end up buring in hell like Gordon B. Hinckley!!!