Daily Devotional for Wednesday October 10, 2007

Thirty People Can Help Lead Millions of Lost Souls to Faith in Christ

(1 Kings 18:21; Mark 10:21)

Thirty people can help lead millions of lost souls to faith in Christ and this nation back to God and Biblical values! The one thing I feel I have proven over these past 18 years of ministry, over 8 years now of Liveprayer.com, and nearly 5 years of the Liveprayer TV program, is that I not only lead by example but have literally given all of my time, talent, and treasure each day to bring God's Truth to the marketplace and the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the hurting and lost. This is what I will be doing until the Lord says my work is finished and calls me home. I certainly don't do it for personal fame, fortune, or glory, since I could have easily taken those well paved roads a long time ago if that is what I was after. My only goal has been to build the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of Bill, and my very transparent life I live before millions each day is the proof of that.

Today, I am looking for 30 people who are willing to make the sacrifice to help me lead millions of lost souls here and around the world to faith in Jesus Christ and turn this nation back to God and Biblical values. How do a few people do that? If it was possible, why hasn't it been done since there are hundreds of thousands of churches and ministries out there? Simple, VISION and VEHICLE. Television is still the greatest vehicle in the world to bring God's Truth and the hope of Christ into people's lives. Oprah is one of the world's most powerful women today because of one thing, television! O'Reilly has a huge national following because of one thing, television! It is an incredibly powerful vehicle that has proven to influence the masses and our culture at large.

Back in the early to mid 90s, I sat in on planning meetings at most every major Christian TV network, station and ministry at one time or another. Those meetings always came down to one issue and it wasn't how to save more souls, but how to raise more money! Sadly, there are many in the Kingdom who have the right vehicle, but their vision isn't for souls it is for money. Otherwise, they wouldn't be on Christian TV or Sunday morning religious blocks with the same old programs geared to reaching people who are already Christians. That is their target audience because that is the audience they can raise tens of millions of dollars from. There are many in the Kingdom who do have a vision for souls, they simply don't have the vehicle (TV) to see that vision made a reality on a large scale that can impact millions of souls as well as the spiritual direction of this nation.

After doing over 1200 live, hour long programs on major secular stations these past 55 months, I have proven that we have created the right vehicle to impact lives and even the spiritual course of the nation. We got a glimpse of that during the 60 nationwide programs we did last year. There are only a handful of people who have a daily national program, and NONE of them deal with the events in the world and in people's lives from a Biblical worldview. As we head into 2008 with the important Presidential election in just 13 months, with the next terrorist attack on our nation not a matter of if only when, with the life and world changing events we see unfolding each day, now more than ever it is critical to have a national program that can put what is happening in our world in a Biblical perspective while ministering to individual people who are simply struggling to get through the day-to-day challenges of living life.

I have received numerous emails in the past 6 months from well intentioned people asking me why I don't run for President. Aside from the fact God has called me to be a spiritual leader and not a political leader, the cold hard truth is that I can do more for people and this nation right where I am at. If I was the President, I would have to literally sell my soul to become part of the corrupt human political machine. Despite the President of the United States being arguably the most powerful person on the planet, I contend that with a single live, hour-long daily TV program reaching the nation, I can do more to change lives and the spiritual course of the nation than even the President!

My track record is there for everyone to see and examine since I run my race daily before a worldwide audience of millions. While other Christian leaders are selling out Christ for the hope of political power, I am the one national figure who has held Mitt Romney accountable for lying to people about the fact he is part of a satanic cult, incurring the wrath of members of that cult from all around the world. I have been one of only a few Christian leaders who has gone into the secular media calling the false religion of Islam the 1400 year old lie from hell it is, while correctly identifying their false prophet Mohammed as the murdering pedophile he was. Even the infamous Salman Rushdie didn't go on CNN across the world and have the courage to call the false prophet Mohammed a murdering pedophile who dreamed up a god named allah and a false religion that is leading over 1 billion souls to hell!

Nobody has had the courage to take on Queen Oprah or her puppet Dr. Phil in the national media. I have. There is an unwritten rule in the ministry that you don't reveal "trade secrets" how to manipulate people into giving money. Over the years I have exposed the tricks used to get you to give money to ministries and warned you about those who clearly are more concerned with building their own kingdoms than God's. I have turned down the opportunity numerous times over the years to prostitute Liveprayer for millions of dollars to protect the integrity of God's work and not turn Liveprayer into just another Christian marketing business. I have done my best to be steadfast and faithful to the message God has given me to preach, which is the uncompromised Truth of His Word and letting people know their hope for this life and all eternity is found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

I am fully aware most people who read the Daily Devotional each day are simply trying to get through the day and facing many hurdles and obstacles. Many are experiencing great personal trials and are simply looking for God's peace, strength, hope, and encouragement. That is why we are here. To share God's Truth with people. To encourage them. To challenge them. To counsel them. To pray with them as they go through the daily trials and tribulations of life. I also know there are many who read the Daily Devotional each day who God has richly blessed and wants to use in a great way. We all want to make our life count and there is no greater way to do that than reaching a soul heading to hell and helping that person turn to Jesus and receive His free gift of everlasting life. It is by far the greatest legacy any of us can leave when our work here is finished and God calls us home.

Today, I am looking for 30 people who are ready to be challenged by God to make their life count for all eternity. As I prayed the other night, crying out to God, the Holy Sprit put the number 30 in my heart and said find 30 people who will each stand with you with a one-time gift of $100,000 by the end of November. Jesus had a small group of 12 disciples who after his death and resurrection, God used to turn the world of their day upside down for Christ. There have been thousands of people who have given to Liveprayer these past 97 months, millions more who have prayed. However, there will be a group known for all eternity as the "Liveprayer 30" who will be responsible for binging the VISION and VEHICLE of Liveprayer to millions of lost and hurting souls and to this entire nation. It is this group of 30 who by virtue of their sacrifice will form the foundation for the national Liveprayer TV program that God will use to lead millions of souls to faith in Christ while bringing this nation back to God and Biblical values!

Every day I watch the news and see a group people giving hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to a politician. Every day I watch the news and see a group of people giving hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to a zoo, a botanical garden, a performing arts center, or any number of other charitable organizations. If people can give their money to a political ideology, to animals, to flowers, to the arts, why not to form the foundation of a proven God-breathed vision and vehicle that will lead millions of souls to everlasting life through faith in Jesus Christ and become a catalyst to lead this nation back to God and Biblical values?

There are a few times in our life when God gives us the opportunity to make the sacrifice so He can use us to fulfill His plan and purpose. After doing over 1200 live TV programs I KNOW that the Liveprayer TV program is part of His plan and purpose. If we had been on since January of this year, we would have impacted millions of lives for Christ and seen tens of thousands of souls come to know Jesus so far this year. We have the vision, the vehicle, and the open door with the network, we simply haven't had the money. I am not gong to sit back while people die and go to hell needlessly just because of a few million dollars. I am simply looking for 30 people who will take their stand with me by becoming part of the "Liveprayer 30" and make their life count for all eternity as God uses them to bring millions of souls to faith in Christ and unleash a spiritual revival across this nation!

I love you and care about you so much. Somebody told me the other day I was sure stubborn. ABSOLUTELY! You would be too if you know this is what God has called you to do. Others complain that I should just forget the TV program and quit talking about money. Really? I am the one who will one day have to stand before God and explain why I never fulfilled the vision He gave me, especially when He gave me the vehicle to fulfill it with. I see churches with less than 1,000 members raising millions for new buildings, other ministries raising millions for jet planes, lavish studios and equipment, and a host of things that have nothing to do with ministering to people or saving souls. They obviously believe in their private jet enough to ask people to give them money to buy it, and people do! Do I care enough about souls, do I believe in saving souls enough to ask you to help me? YOU BET I DO!

Listen my friend, the time for playing games is over. Satan isn't playing, why are we? During this year I should have been doing the TV program nationwide, satan has been feeding the viewers of secular TV a steady diet of every kind of filth, garbage, and lies to destroy lives and lead people to hell. I have failed God for not getting this done sooner. I refuse to fail Him any longer. There are one or two people reading this now who can stroke a check for the whole $3 million, several who can do $1 million each, and well over 30 who can write a check today for $100,000. I have sacrificed my life, literally these past 8 years since Liveprayer started. My wife and I have put in hundreds of thousands of our own money, all we have in this life, during the years out of obedience and our commitment to God and what He has called us to do with our lives. I have never asked anyone to do what I won't do myself.

I realize there are many things you can buy and do with $100,000. I also realize there is no better investment you will ever make than to invest that money in the eternal souls of men. The property, the cars, the things of this world will all pass away, but those souls live on for eternity. This is your opportunity to become part of the "Liveprayer 30" and take your place amongst those who have made great sacrifices over these past 2000 years to further the cause of Christ and advance God's Kingdom. This is not about Bill Keller or you, it is about what God is calling us to do to help fulfill His plan and purpose. Many say God will get it done without me. He will, but would you rather be a Matthew who heard God's voice and obeyed, reaping the incredible blessings of his obedience, or the one who God called before Matthew who decided he didn't want to make the sacrifice to follow Jesus. It is all about our obedience and being willing to make the sacrifice to answer God's call. Will you be one of the "Liveprayer 30" and answer His call today?

My plans are to have a gathering in Tampa of those who become part of the "Liveprayer 30" the first Saturday in December to fellowship and pray. I truly believe God has raised up Liveprayer for this moment in human history, and this year has been one of testing for me to see how serious I am about the calling God has on my life. A $100,000 commitment is a serious commitment of resources. More important however, is the commitment to be part of a small group of people who God is going to use to change the spiritual direction of this nation! This is the moment God has prepared me for these past 18 years. God has entrusted resources into your life so that you can be part of this special group. Working together we will help lead the Liveprayer family to fulfill God's calling on our lives! Simply email me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com and let me know you will be one of the "Liveprayer 30!"