Daily Devotional for Thursday September 20, 2007


(Luke 14:23)

"And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." Luke 14:23

I hate to say it, but I have been telling you this day was coming....for the past 8 years! I realize in the hustle and bustle of life, dealing with all of the issues and problems you have to face in your life each day, that there is a percentage of people today who could care less about this critical message I have for you. The fact is, you should care! People sit back and wonder how only 50 years ago we saw prayer and Bible teaching removed from public schools. We wonder how just 34 years ago how it become legal to slaughter over 1 million babies a year in this nation. We look back in just the last decade and wonder how the sin of homosexuality became a mainstream and accepted lifestyle choice to the point we have now even redefined what marriage and family are. How did this all happen in our lifetime? Christians, people who believe the Bible to be Truth and faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved were too busy selfishly living their lives to pay attention or care!!!!!!!

Below is an excerpt posted Tuesday, September 18, 2007 from the Daily Kos, a very popular left-wing, God-hating website. I also included a link to the entire article. I AM BEGGING YOU TO READ IT, IT IS CHILLING!!! http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2007/9/18/184447/877

"While this is obviously a victory, my only regret is that the gay and lesbian community was not involved in the decision or at all effective in Mr. Keller's demise. The struggle for gay rights and the acceptance of gay people as part of society is far from over and such a comfortable attitude toward this kind of discrimination is nearly as dangerous (if not more dangerous) as the discrimination itself.

It seems that the gay and lesbian community will have a second chance. Perhaps a chance to make up for its absence in a time of need. Bill Keller has aired (for the first time) Live Prayer AM on WTTA-Ch. 38 in the Tampa Bay area on September 3rd. I urge the gay and lesbian community and all like minded individuals to express their outrage by emailing Sinclair Broadcasting (who owns WTTA-CH. 38) and telling them that we will not allow someone like Bill Keller to continue broadcasting his discrimination and intolerance.

While Keller continues to preach his heavily radical Taliban-like form of Christianity, the law abiding citizens, the victims of his dangerous commentary must face the growing sense of intolerance that results from it. All movements start on a local level, take a stand in your communities as well and lets make sure that this does not end up as such. This fight is not only a fight for the safety of gay and lesbian Americans, it's a fight for secularism and a struggle for the fundamental values of our society."

I know many of you think I exaggerate when I tell you that there is coming a day very soon when simply sharing the Truth of God's Word on secular television will not be allowed. I can tell you from fighting this war over these past 5 years, that day is already here! The most important thing for a TV program is creating something people will watch. Production companies routinely spend $3-$5 million dollars creating pilots that NEVER EVEN MAKE IT ON AIR!!! The battle I have fought is not creating a program that draws ratings, but finding networks who will even let Liveprayer pay for the time to air our program due to the "content."


In attacking the Liveprayer TV program, Ahmed Bedier, the Tampa Executive Director of the radical and extremist Muslim group CAIR stated, ""It is our belief that anti-Islamic rhetoric like that used in 'Live Prayer with Bill Keller' is exactly the type of language that is likely to incite hate crimes against the American Muslim community." He also said, "This is not a matter of First Amendment rights, it is about a person using the public airways to promote anti-Semitism and Islamophobia." Appearing with me on a CNN program recently, Bedier continually used the phrase "hate speech" to define the content of the Liveprayer program.

The FACT is, in the 1187 programs we have done since the TV program was started on March 3, 2003, there has NEVER been one incident of violence towards Muslims or people choosing to commit the sin of homosexuality. In reality, Liveprayer has been responsible for helping hundreds of men and women we know of find freedom from the bondage of the sin of homosexuality, and helped lead hundreds of people we are aware of from the lie of Islam to the Truth of the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ!

What we are dealing with are people who have rejected the Truth of God's Word and therefore want to silence anyone who has the audacity to proclaim that Truth in the public square. They want to be allowed to spread their lies, but want to silence anyone who opposes them! The church and Christian ministries bear a huge brunt of the blame for this problem since they have abandoned the marketplace and are hiding behind the 4 walls in the safety, comfort, and profitability of the Christian trough. That has made the few who do believe the Bible when it says, "Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.," easy targets for those who have chosen to live in rebellion to God and His Word.

Nobody but God and my wife will EVER fully comprehend what has transpire these past 55 months of doing a "live" hour-long TV program 5 days a week on major secular broadcast affiliates and networks. To sit there night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year, and bring people the Truth of God's Word without compromise, not asking for anything, only there to give them hope and the words of everlasting life, has made me a huge target that every God-hating group and person can take shots at. But that is ok because during that time millions of people have found hope and encouragement in their time of need and over 10,000 people we know of have come to faith in Christ.


I love you and care about you so much. I AM NOT DONE! ACTUALLY, I HAVE JUST BEGUN THIS FIGHT! No group of sodomites, no terrorists who follow a false religion and want to take over this nation are going to silence my voice! Our new morning program is doing incredible! People love it! We are seeing nice ratings even in our first month. We are adding more advertisers every week! By the end of the first 90 days, I expect to see Liveprayer AM competing with Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Fox and Friends, all long standing programs on major networks with multimillion dollar budgets. Again, people watch because they are looking for real hope, not to be hustled, and real Truth, not their ears tickled.

I know that it won't be long before no secular network will allow me to be on the air. I believe we still have a good 5 year window before that days arrives. That is why I am driving hard every day to use this voice to declare God's Truth to the nation and world, and seeking those who will stand with me and help. Most people pray for me each day. That is something everyone can do and I thank you. You will never know what it means to me and the strength I derive from your prayers.

Hundreds each month sacrifice to help me cover the monthly expenses to keep Liveprayer going strong on the Internet and our TV program on the air. Every month we are online and on TV, millions of lives around the world are hearing the Truth of the Bible and that Jesus is their only hope and answer. Over 1.2 million emails for prayer are read, prayed over and answered. Thousands we know of come to know Jesus as their Savior. This lighthouse of hope and Truth called Liveprayer continues to burn bright!!!

At the end of July I shared with you 4 areas I was working on that would enable us to reach millions of more people every day with God's Truth and the hope of Christ. Things are progressing nicely with next February's Florida State Fair where we will be a title sponsor and have a 5,000 ft. "Liveprayer Gospel Tent" with music and preaching all 12 days to reach the 1/2 million plus fair goers. We are still waiting to finalize our monthly specials on Howard Stern's Sirius channel. Making all of the Liveprayer content, text and video, as well as sending and receiving emails for prayer on cell phones is taking longer than we expected to finalize, test, and launch. We were supposed to be doing our long standing night program along with the new AM program, but of course CBS cancelled the night program at the end of August. So the challenges have been GREAT these past 8 weeks as satan is fighting with all he has to slow us down and silence the TRUTH from being declared to the lost and hurting masses throughout the world.

One other item I shared with you back in late July was the late night program being back on nationwide on the "i" Network. I have an option that I extended once already, but will expire on the 30th of this month, to control the Midnight-1 am EDT time slot every Monday thru Friday on the "i" Network that reaches 90 million of the 100 million TV households in the nation. The 10 weeks we were on last year were incredible! We received over 5,000 emails every night for prayer. Over 1,000 people we know of were saved each week. We brought the unadulterated Truth of the Bible into people's lives all over this nation. It was the only "live" daily program on TV that dealt with the real events in the world and in life from a Biblical worldview! It is the only opportunity left to do this program nationwide on a major secular television network.

The funny thing is for the $1 million a month I need, there are scores of major TV ministries who spend 5x that amount a month. The difference? The only spend that money with the Christian networks so they can preach the choir and generate millions from programming that is really little more than Christian infomercials. In an infomercial, the end result is that you are asked to buy what they are selling. In Christian programming, the end result is that you are asked to buy their resources or send them money. NO DIFFERENCE! I am not interested in being in the infomercial business. I am in the SOUL SAVING BUSINESS!

To do that, you have to go where the lost are! I am asking you to pray with me today. We went to school during those 10 weeks last year and know what it will take to generate the advertising revenues to sustain the TV program long term. The key is to have 3 months of being on the air to build up our ratings. That will take $3 million dollars. I am asking you to pray with me for the Lord to bring one person, one group of people, one company, who can help seed this nationwide evangelistic effort that I firmly believe in less than a year could help lead this nation back to Christ! This is not an idea, this is something that we have been doing now for nearly 5 years and have the track record to prove how effective what we do is in reaching the lost for Christ!

I pray daily for God to bless those who are in the Liveprayer family with resources, since I know many have a heart to build God's Kingdom but they need the resources to do it. I pray daily over every person who gives,, and that prayer includes praying for the Lord to greatly increase their finances so they can be an even greater blessing. Many people over the years have told me they give to Liveprayer because they have seen God supernaturally provide more and more resources as they have given more and more! God blesses us so we can bless others!

So I need everyone to pray with me and for me today. Pray that God will continue to give us favor with men each day as we bring His Truth and the hope of Christ over the secular television airways. Pray for the Lord to watch over and protect us from our enemies, those who seek to silence His Truth. Pray for God to bring forth the one or ones who He is speaking to right now who can help me by the end of the month to exercise my option with the "i" Network so November 5th Liveprayer is back on NATIONWIDE, this time to stay!!!!

God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, all the gold and silver is His. There are people reading this right now who have the financial ability to step up and make a huge impact with their life by helping me to bring Biblical Truth and faith in Christ to millions every night all over this nation in a way nobody else has the guts or dares to do! The greatest legacy we will leave are those souls won to Christ. I am not interested in buildings or the temporal things of this world, only in souls and the eternal things of God. There is no greater investment you will make than in the souls of men!!! The day is coming very soon when I won't be able to do this. That day is not quite here yet. Now is the time we MUST act. It is time to make our mark for eternity. Will you pray? Will you help me?