Daily Devotional for Wednesday June 6, 2007

Amy and Joey - A Case Study of Lives in Rebellion to God

(Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 5:29; Revelation 22:14)

Amy and Joey -- a case study of lives in rebellion to God. One of the predominant themes I drive home often is that living life your way never works, living life God's way always works. A companion theme is that sin costs. You can't sin and not pay a big price, usually greater than you ever imagined. Two people who dominated the headlines in the early 90s are back in the news again, Amy Fisher who the press dubbed the "Long Island Lolita" and Joey Buttafuoco. I wish I could say that their outrageous tabloid lives had no resemblance of how people really live, but I can't. I am dealing with them today because even though you may say who could ever live like that, I deal EVERY DAY with people who choose to live just like Amy and Joey have. When you live your life in rebellion to God and the Truth of His Word, there is virtually no limit to the depravity a person is capable of.

To refresh your memory, Fisher was a 16 year-old high school student living in Bellmore, New York in May of 1991 when she began an affair with Joey Buttafuoco, a 34 year-old married body shop owner. The affair continued for a year when in May of 1992, now 17, Fisher went to Buttafuoco's home in Massapequa, New York and rang the doorbell. When Buttafuoco's wife Mary Jo opened the door, Fisher shot her in the head. Mary Jo survived, but was left paralyzed on the right side of her face. Fisher was charged with multiple counts including attempted murder, but ended up pleading guilty to one count of aggravated assault and in December of 1992, was sentenced to 5-15 years in prison. She served 7 of those years and was released in 1999. Buttafuoco was eventually convicted of statutory rape in October 1993 and served a whopping 4 months in jail for his crime and has been in and out of jail for insurance fraud and illegally possessing ammunition.

These two are now back in then news. Fisher who is now 32, is divorcing her husband of 3 years who she has two children with to move in with Buttafuoco, who is now 50. They will live together in "Dr. Phil's House" to receive counseling in what is clearly nothing more than an opportunity for them to make some money and be back in the "spotlight." I have been telling you for many years that Dr. Phil, who is a creation of Oprah (she owns his program and him), is one of TVs false hope merchants since his advice and counsel is NOT from the Bible, but the pop-psycho babble the world dispenses. He is not there to help people, only use them and exploit them for ratings like he is doing with Fisher and Buttafuoco. It is very sad that he has sold his soul for a few minutes of fame and a few dollars. It is even more sad the number of people who hang on his every word. He is living proof, however, that people are looking for hope and answers, it is just too bad they don't get what they really need from him.

As bizarre as this story is between Amy and Joey, the fact is it fascinated a nation in the early '90s, and has captured the national spotlight again. PEOPLE LOVE SIN! I realize most people who are reading this can't believe people actually live like these two, but you might be shocked at how many really do. I hear every day from people whose lives are as twisted and broken as Fisher's and Buttafuoco's. Some much worse! Again, when people choose to live in utter rebellion to God and His Word, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! The fact is, they often don't even realize their lives are a mess! They simply don't know any better and have never experienced the true joy and peace and abundance of this life, so they don't even fully comprehend how sad their lives really are.

Eventually, most people do reach a place when the consequences of their rebellion to God catches up to them and they realize there has to be a better way to live. That is when they are open to someone telling them how their life can be better. That is when they are open to someone who can give them the answers they are looking for. This is the reason why we must be in the marketplace, we must be bold and visible with the message of hope through Jesus Christ. When people come to that place in their life, we have to be there, accessible, sharing with them the uncompromised Truth of God's Word that can help them to change their life. I get the joy every day of seeing people who have turned to Christ and God's Word and can't believe how God dramatically changed their life. They tell me each day they now wake up with real hope and a peace and joy they never knew was possible!

I love you and care about you so much. Sadly, Amy and Joey are only interested in whatever fame and money can come from their getting back together after 15 years. They both were living lives in rebellion to God when they met in the '90s. Their rebellion to God caused them to make choices that destroyed their lives and the lives of those around them. Fast forward 15 years later and they re still living in rebellion to God as they continue to pile one sin on top of another. Sadly, Dr. Phil isn't really looking to help them, only exploit their tragic lives for his own personal gain. We can only pray when nobody cares about them any longer, when the TV cameras are gone and the money is spent, they will both really open their hearts to the only true hope there is, Jesus! I pray that they both will turn their lives to the Lord, since He is their only hope for the rest of this life and for eternity.

I am praying for you today as well. Your life may not be the soap opera train wreck that Amy and Joey's is, but the fact is whenever we choose to live in rebellion to God life doesn't work and there is a huge price to pay. I pray today that the Lord will speak to your heart through these words, and that you will take a look at the choices you are making. Are those choices in accordance with God's Word? Are you living life your way or God's Way? For many of you, God is trying to get your attention today. He is giving you this opportunity to make the changes you need in your life. Your sins will cost you more than you ever expected to pay and destroy your life and the lives of those around you. By simply surrendering to the Lord and following God's Word, you can know the joy, peace, and abundance this life can offer. God loves you and He wants the very best for you.

Fisher and Buttafuoco's lives are a case study of those who choose to live in rebellion to God. You can look back and see the price of their rebellion. Sadly, their rebellion will be on public display again very soon. I pray that it will be a reminder to people that living life our way never works, that God can't, won't, and doesn't bless sin. May their lives be an example that sin carries a huge price tag. When we choose to live our lives in accordance with God's Word life works. That doesn't mean it is perfect since we live in an imperfect world, but it works. It also allows God to bless us. God loves to bless His children. God's blessings flows from our obedience. When we are following the Lord, following His Word, we can count on God's blessings to flow in our lives. Those who choose to live their lives in obedience to God are a case study of His blessings!!!