Daily Devotional for Tuesday March 13, 2007

When Murder is Legal

(Psalms 106:38)

"They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters...and the land was polluted with blood..." - (Psalms 106:38 NIV) > > When murder is legal. Over the weekend, came the tragic story of a sick > 4-day-old baby who was abducted from a Lubbock, Texas hospital on Saturday > and found safe and alive 100 miles away in Clovis, New Mexico Sunday. The > woman who stole the infant is in police custody awaiting charges and the > precious baby is back with her parents. It was wonderful to see such a > happy ending to this story, knowing that many prayers were answered as > this > baby was found alive and is now back in the care of her parents and > doctors. > During the ordeal on Saturday, I listened with great interest as various > legal pundits talked about the fact that if this baby died after being > taken > from the hospital, the person who took her would be charged with murder. > > It brought back to my memory the Scott Peterson case when he was charged > with killing his wife Laci AND their baby who was still in the womb. > Peterson is currently on California's death row for double murder. So > today, I want to deal with the reality that in the United States in the > year > 2007, it is illegal to kill a newly born baby and it is also illegal to > cause the death of a baby who is still in the womb. Oh wait, there is one > exception to the crime of intentionally killing a baby in the womb. That > exception is if you are a doctor and are performing an abortion! > > I am confused how Peterson, who made the choice to kill one unborn baby > will > spend his life all alone in a tiny cell on death row awaiting the day when > the State of California will put him to death while doctors all across > this > nation who make the choice to kill hundreds and thousands of unborn > babies, > go home every night to nice comfortable homes and look forward to all of > the > great things life has to offer. > > My question for you today is simply this. If Scott Peterson is going to > be > put to death for killing his unborn child, one baby, why isn't every > abortion doctor in this nation, guilty of killing hundreds, even thousands > of babies, also on death row for doing the same thing??? The fact is, > several dozen states now have "fetal homicide" statutes on the books. But > to > get these "fetal homicide" statutes passed, state legislators had to make > ONE HUGE exemption. You guessed it. In cases of abortion with the mothers > consent, these statutes do not apply to the abortion doctors. Do you see > what twisted logic has to be used to accommodate sin? > > As I watched the Peterson case unfold, I watched the coverage on the > various > networks like FOX, MSNBC, CNN, and Court TV. I was particularly > interested > in the passion and conviction of people like Court TV anchors, Nancy > Grace, > Lisa Bloom, Catherine Crier, and the attorney for Amber Frey, Gloria > Allred, > as well as other commentators as they shared their belief not only in > Peterson's guilt but the fact he deserved to be put to death for his > crimes. > The key to their arguments was always the fact that he not only killed his > wife but also his baby. Sadly, too many men kill their wives but at most > they receive a sentence of life in prison. Many of these commentators made > the point over and over that the fact he also killed his baby was > justification to sentence him to death. By the way, I agreed with them. > > However, the hypocrisy is that most of those same commentators also > support > a woman's right to kill her baby. They are PRO CHOICE, or calling it what > it > really is, PRO DEATH! I have to admit that I am very confused. How can it > be > such a heinous crime for Scott Peterson to kill his baby, yet perfectly > acceptable for a woman to make the choice to kill her baby? I am > absolutely > lost at how one is a crime worthy of death and the other is an acceptable > choice. > > For those of you who support a woman's right to slaughter her innocent > baby, > please save the emails with your tortured arguments. The fact is life > comes > from God. At the moment of conception there is a living person with an > eternal soul. To kill that life for any reason is murder. PERIOD! > > IF SCOTT PETERSON CAN BE PUT TO DEATH FOR KILLING ONE BABY, IT THE WOMAN > WHO > KIDNAPPED THIS BABY IN TEXAS OVER THE WEEKEND WAS GOING TO BE CHARGED WITH > MURDER IF THAT BABY HAD DIED, THEN EVERY DOCTOR WHO PERFORMS AN ABORTION > SHOULD ALSO BE CHARGED WITH MURDER!!! > > I love you and care about you so much. I want to speak directly today to > anyone who may be contemplating having an abortion. Just remember this. No > matter what anyone tells you, it is MURDER. There is simply no > justification > for it at all. You have only two options; have and raise the child or put > the child up for adoption. If you are thinking about having an abortion, > please, I beg you, go watch the clips below. One is a 55 second clip of > an > actual abortion, the other is a powerful testimony of a woman who was at > the > same place as you are today. God allowed her to watch the Liveprayer TV > program the night before she was going to kill her baby, she came under > conviction, changed her mind, and you will see her precious 10 month old > baby girl! > > http://www.liveprayer.com/abortion.cfm > > Also, let me say a word to those men and women who have the scar of > abortion > in their lives. Sadly, I deal with hundreds of women daily AND men who > have > made this sad choice at some point in their life. Some of them did this 40 > years ago and are still dealing with the hurt, pain, and guilt. You can't > go back and change what you have done but 1 John 1:9 says, "If we confess > our sins, God forgives us and cleanses us of all unrighteousness." The > Bible > also tells us that God not only forgives our sins but forgets them. It is > satan who reminds you of your past sins to keep you paralyzed from serving > God. HE IS A LIAR!!! Now is the time to trust God's Word and put it behind > you once and for all. God still has much for you to do with your life. > > I am thankful for high-profile cases like Petersons that made the clear > statement killing an innocent baby is MURDER! We need to, once and for > all, > take our Federal Government out of the business of legally sanctioning the > daily slaughter of 4,000 of innocent lives! How can we expect God to bless > our nation when we allow this to happen? How long can we mock God without > feeling His wrath? How far can we push God's grace? > > I read in the Old Testament how God's very own chosen people lived in > blatant rebellion to Him. God tried to warn them. He sent messages through > the events of their day. They ignored the messages. He sent His prophets > to > warn the people to repent and turn back to God. They wouldn't't listen to > his messengers. Eventually, God punished His people for their rebellion. > > Our nation is less than 300 years old. We have been richly blessed with > incredible wealth and power, but we are not immune from God's wrath. God > is > speaking to us through the events of our day and through those He has > called > to warn the people. I pray that we will listen, repent of our sins, and > turn > our hearts back to Him before it is too late. Killing an unborn baby in or > out of the womb IS murder whether it happens in an act of violence or by a > doctor in a legal clinic!