Daily Devotional for Tuesday January 2, 2007

The State of Liveprayer

(Matthew 28:19)

Every January the President of the United States gives his State of the Union address, so I thought today, as people are getting back to work and school and into their normal schedule after the Christmas/New Year's holidays, I would share with you some of the exciting things that will be happening here at Liveprayer in 2007 should our Lord tarry in His return. Over these past 88 months, God has raised up Liveprayer as a beacon of light, of Truth, and of hope to the lost and hurting masses in the marketplace outside the four walls of the church.

Liveprayer has become an "oasis of hope" on the Internet and secular television for people, Christians and non-Christians alike, to come to in their hour of need. 2006 was a critical year in the life of this ministry as we took a huge step in expanding the number of people we can reach each day while laying the foundation to firmly establish Liveprayer in the marketplace as a source of prayer and Truth for people living in the world that don't go to church, don't read the Bible, and have not put their faith in Jesus Christ.

The key to Liveprayer is being there each day with something relevant to instruct, warn, encourage, challenge, and guide people in this journey through life by dealing with the very real issues we all have to face. That is why I sit down every single day and produce the Daily Devotional. That is why the Liveprayer TV program is on "live" every Monday thru Friday. People have come to rely on being able to turn on their computers and finding the Daily Devotional in their "inbox" each morning, being able to turn on their TV every Monday thru Friday and seeing the TV program.

In every Devotional, in every TV program, I do my best to bring the Truth of God's Word and the hope and love of Christ into people's lives and be there to stand with them in their hour of need. Nobody is immune from life's problems. Every person who lives deals with financial situations, health issues, challenges in their marriage and relationships with others, work and school-related problems, the death of family and friends, as well as their spiritual life. These are the trials and tribulations we all face during our journey through life, and the key to Liveprayer is to be there for people during those difficult times in their lives.

During 2006, we added apx 400,000 new subscribers to the Daily Devotional that is now going every day to just over 2.4 million people worldwide. During the past year we responded to over 15 million prayer requests and added another 400,000 praise reports to the praise report archive that currently has over 2.5 million. In 2006, we did 260 "live" TV programs reaching millions of people in Florida and throughout the nation with the unadulterated Truth of God's Word and the hope and love of Jesus Christ. We did 260 on the Viacom-owned CW in Tampa (formerly UPN), 130 on ABC affiliates throughout the State of Florida, and 48 nationwide on the "i" Network, formerly PAX TV. On the TV program we took over 2,600 phone calls from viewers and responded to over 300,000 emails for prayer. Most important of all, between the TV program and the Daily Devotional, we saw over 40,000 people we know of come to faith in Jesus Christ during 2006!!!

2007 is the year that we will see the ultimate goal of the Liveprayer TV program fulfilled, and that is for the program to be nationwide on a permanent basis. During 2006, we were actually on nationwide 10 of the 52 weeks. It was a tremendous success, however, we simply couldn't afford the incredible expense to stay on. In late December we made the formal announcement of a joint venture with a TV/film production company in Southern California that is going to invest $24 million dollars into the Liveprayer television program to insure it is on nationwide for the next 2 years, which will enable us to attract the commercial sponsors we need to continue the program until Jesus comes. I am also excited to announce that when we go back on nationwide, as early as this March, the program will be moving to an afternoon time slot to reach even more people! (Press release: http://www.standardnewswire.com/news/52020437.html )

Based on the 10 weeks we were on nationwide during 2006, we project that within the first year we will have well over 1 million viewers a day, be receiving 10,000+ emails for prayer after every program, and seeing 4,000-5,000 people each week coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Also in the first year, the TV program will add apx. 2 million new subscribers to the Daily Devotional. Now can you understand why I have been so passionate these past years about seeing this program fulfill its ultimate destiny? The Liveprayer TV program has proven over 1,000 programs in nearly 4 years to be an incredible vehicle to bring God's Truth to the marketplace, into the lives of people who will never go to church, read a Bible, watch Christian television, read Christian books or magazines, or listen to Christian radio or music.


You have got to understand that in this day and time, having an outreach like Liveprayer is CRITICAL. Every day, literally 24/7, the major TV networks are pumping out programs that feed the masses the lies of this world and embolden them to live in rebellion to God and His Word. The whole reason I only do the program on major secular TV stations is to reach those same masses with the Truth of God's Word and the hope we have in Christ. Liveprayer is the ONLY TV program on secular television that deals with the issues in this world and in people's lives from a Biblical worldview!

The permanent expansion of the Liveprayer TV program across the nation in early 2007 is going to become a bold and visible voice for God's Truth that the world will not be able to tune out or ignore. This is NOT the normal preaching/teaching program on Christian TV or Sunday morning the world simply tunes out. This is a bold, in-your-face outreach to bring the Truth of God's Word directly to the masses and the hope and love of Christ to those who are hurting and looking for answers and hope. Just like Elijah put God against the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, I am putting God against the false prophets of our day on secular television!

I love you and care about you so much. You will never know how much your love, your prayers, and your sacrifices to help me actually motivate and drive me each day. Whatever has been accomplished through Liveprayer this past year, these past 88 months, whatever will be accomplished through Liveprayer in the future, has been by the grace of God and YOUR faithfulness and obedience. Nothing that has happened here has been by accident. It has all been part of God's Divine plan and YOU have played a huge part in that plan unfolding.

It is YOUR love, YOUR prayers, and YOUR sacrificial gifts that allow me to be here each day to fulfill God's calling on my life in taking the Gospel to the world. I am simply one man and this is the work of many. Together we are making a huge impact on this world for God, but that work has just begun. There is still MUCH to be done, many lost souls to reach for Christ!

I have to admit, I am EXCITED about this coming year. I thank God daily for the good health he has blessed me with, the strength to keep the schedule I do, for the Holy Spirit to guide me through all of the challenges each day brings, and for His protection over all that is out there coming against His work at Liveprayer in so many different ways. I am focused as this new year begins on bringing His Truth to the lost world that only hears lies and the everlasting hope we have in Jesus Christ. For those who are not content with just sitting back and watching life pass you by, join me as we boldly and without fear take the name of Jesus to the lost and hurting in the world each day in 2007 through Liveprayer!!!