Daily Devotional for Thursday November 9, 2006

What is in Store for this Nation, the Church, and What God is Asking of You

(Exodus 23:25; Hebrews 12:28)

As I watched the election results come in last night, I could only think of how sad it was that the opportunity to have our elected officials help in pointing this naiton back to God and Biblical values was over, probably for good. I have shared with you often in the past that it is not a politician but a preacher who will lead this nation to repentance and back to God. However, for 6 years now we have had the right people in power to help in that process and they failed because they never really tried. So in the aftermath of the mid-term elections, what is in store for this nation, the church, and what is God asking of YOU?

The political course of this nation is pretty well set for the next 2 years. With the Democrats controlling at least the House and possibly the Senate, very little will get done in Washington between now and the next Presidential election in 2008. At that time, the House and Senate will also be back in play, but there is only a short list of people in either party who could end up being our next President. Based on that list, there is no real hope of any leadership on any of the key spiritual issues facing our nation that are also political issues. Those who have any real chance of becoming the next President regardless if they are a Republican or Democrat are going to be for gay marriage, for the governments continued involvement in insuring that it is legal for women to kill their babies, and on the wrong side of God on life and family issues.

While those in power these past 6 years gave lots of lip service to taking righteous stands on the key spiritual issues of the day, in the end, they did virtually nothing but talk a good game to get elected. Those in the House and Senate are now out of power, the President is a lame duck, and the opportunity for help from those in Washington in leading this nation back to God is behind us. I clearly see those in the highest offices in the land actually helping lead this nation AWAY from God and Biblical values in the coming months and years, helping to speed up the spiritual decay in this nation. We must continue to do all we can to elect Godly men and women who will take a stand for God's Truth when we have that opportunity, but we must face the reality that those in power now and in the foreseeable future are on the wrong side of God and Biblical values.

That means this now becomes a moment of truth for the church. The church is still God's number one instrument of change in this world and will be until Jesus returns. It is the church that needs to be God's beacon of light in this dark world. It is the church that needs to take a stand for righteousness and boldly and without compromise preach the Truth of God's Word. It is the church that must get back to the business of saving the lost and making disciples. It is the church that must rise up and make an impact on our nation, world, and in the lives of people. The day of hoping the government and politicians would lead this nation back to God are over. That has always been the job of the church and now is the time for Christ's church to step up and do its job.

So what is God asking YOU to do? First, surrender your life completely to Him so that He can use you in these last days. Now is the time God needs ALL of His children fulfilling their God-given purpose which is to serve and glorify Him with their lives. God has called ALL of His children to serve. You start by living your own life each day for the Lord. Die to self daily, surrender your will for His, and be obedient to follow Him wherever He leads.

For the vast majority, God is simply calling you to the exact places you already are! Simply being His light in your home, in your neighborhood, at your school or job, where you recreate, or wherever your day takes you. God has commanded all those who know Him to share their faith with others. Never forget your greatest testimony before those people the Lord brings into your life each day is how you live your life. When you have the opportunity, sharing with them what Christ has done in your life, what He means to you, is by far the most effective witness you will have to someone who doesn't know the Lord. Never forget to ask them at the end, if they would like to know Jesus as their Savior too!

I love you and care about you so much. As disappointed as I am that this incredible opportunity for those in the highest offices in the land to play a role in helping lead this naiton back to God and Biblical values has been squandered, I am equally as encouraged by the opportunities there will be to be the beacon of light in this dark world God has called us to be. The spiritual decline in our nation will not only continue but be exacerbated due to those who will now lead this country, but that is only going to create more hurting and broken lives who will be out there that we must reach with God's Truth and the hope and love of our Lord.

This is an exciting time for the church to really make the impact in our culture that God intends it too. The church must get out of the maintenance mode and get aggressive in reaching the lost in their communities. The church needs to quit focusing on raising up structures of brick and mortar and focus instead on raising up men and women of God. The church has got to quit worrying about being politically correct, offending people, and following its man-made traditions, and get back to preaching and teaching the unadulterated truth of God's Word without compromise. This is the opportunity for God's church to rise up and be counted!

This is also a time for each man, woman, and child who knows Jesus Christ in the pardon of their sins to rise up and be counted. We are in the last days. Jesus is coming at any moment. The final chapters of human history will be playing out very soon. This is the moment when the people of God have the chance to make a real impact on our nation and world. Too many Believers sat back these past 6 years expecting certain politicians to lead this nation back to God. Well, that didn't happen, it certainly isn't going to happen now, and it was never really supposed to happen. That was never the job of a politician, but the job of the preacher.

Those men and women God has raised up in this day to lead His people must take their rightful place and guide those who know the Lord to make a difference with their lives. I am but one of those voices God has raised up in these last days, and I take very seriously the responsibility He has given me to lead His people in righteousness and Truth and help bring Biblical values and faith in Jesus Christ to this lost nation and world. I don't know what you call "revival," but having seen over 140,000 souls we know of come to Christ thru this lone Internet ministry and TV program these past 7 years, tells me that the people are hungry, looking for hope, and simply waiting for someone to show them the way.

For 7 years now I have boldly led those who come to Liveprayer each day to faith in Christ and challenged them to be all God has called them to be, however, now I am even more focused on using this voice God has given me to see this nation fall on its knees in repentance and see massive numbers of souls worldwide coming to know Jesus as their Savior. I am no longer satisfied with sitting back and watching the lost die and go to hell, watching the spiritual deterioration of this nation continue. Last night gave me a renewed sense of purpose and mission and I plan on taking God's call on my life to an even greater level of service.

In 90 years should Jesus tarry, all hearing this message today will be gone. The only thing that will be left of our lives is those we touched for Christ. THAT IS OUR LEGACY! I can only speak for myself. I am no longer content simply making a difference, I want to do even more in seeing multitudes of souls brought into the Kingdom before my work here is finished. I thought I was paying a price to serve the Lord, but I was wrong. I can pay more, I can give more! When you think you gave it all, there is still more to give. I am making a new commitment today to take every last ounce of Bill Keller and give it to the Lord so He can use me in even a greater way.

What is in store for this nation? Difficult times. What is in store for the church? A great opportunity to rise up and be the church. What is God asking of YOU? To give it all to Him and let Him use your life. I see the difficult days ahead, the opportunity for the church to rise up and be counted, and that the time is ripe to lead this nation back to God and usher in a great worldwide revival that will bring in that last great harvest of souls before Jesus returns. Amen!!!