Daily Devotional for Tuesday November 23, 1999

Your Road to Victory

(Philippines 3:13,14)

So many of you are involved in great battles this morning. Health battles, marital battles, financial battles, battles in relationships, battles for direction....real life circumstances you are facing today. I hope and pray today that you follow the path we here at Liveprayer. Com have followed. You see, no matter what the battle may be, you can never lose sight of the prize and must continue to press forward. Not looking right, or left, but straight ahead...pressing forward...towards the prize! You may be asking, exactly what that means. Simply this. You must never lose sight of the fact that we are here to serve and glorify God with our lives. No matter what the obstacles may be, no matter how our work for Him may be hindered, that doesn't change our purpose. We serve despite the obstacles. We glorify Him in our lives despite the circumstances. In many cases, it takes the supernatural power only God can give us to press forward. But regardless your problem, His promise to never leave you remains in tact and His power is there is you ask and tap into it. The Bible tells us that when we are weak He is strong. Use the strength He can give you to continue on, marching forward towards the prize. The circumstances? The hurdles? They don't just magically disappear, but God can give you the plan of attack to overcome them while you are marching forward. It is only when you stop and give up that you are defeated. Press forward today my friend. Get a new resolve today that you will not be defeated. Keep your eyes focus on Him for the strength and courage you need to press forward. But don't stop fighting, don't stop serving Him. There is total complete victory in Jesus. This is not a football game where the outcome is in doubt. This is the greatest game ever played and if you read the end of the book, it tells you that WE WIN!!!! Press forward today in the victory that has already been won.