Daily Devotional for Wednesday January 5, 2000

All Alone

(2 Timothy 4:16)

It is almost unreal to think that someone who is living with their family, going to school or work every day, going shopping, in church, literally always being around many people most of the time could be all alone. But that is where many of you are at in your life today. Surrounded by many people but all alone. Some of course have actually been abandoned by a parent, spouse, or someone close to you and you are feeling the pain of that loneliness. There are very few hurts and pains in this life that can equal the pain and hurt of loneliness.

Today, I want to let you know the Bible says Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. You see, even though you may feel the pain of loneliness, you really are never alone if you know Jesus as your savior. He has promised to be with you. He has promised to never leave you. What a precious truth, that as long as we have Jesus, we are NEVER alone! I want you to understand today that though you may feel alone, you are not. Walk in the confidence of knowing that Jesus is there with you. He will love you, care for you, and never leave you. Start living in the confidence that the Lord is always with you.


I love you, and care for you. I realize that many of you are in pain today because of your battle with loneliness. I pray today that you will let the truth of Christ's presence comfort you.

I pray the Lord will bless you in a wonderful way today. Never forget, that you and God are ALWAYS a majority.