Daily Devotional for Saturday July 1, 2006

Alcohol and the Christian

(Isaiah 5:11)

Before I even start, I know Jesus drank wine. In that culture at that time, there was no bottled water, even tap water.

Wine was used in that day much like we use water today. Jewish scholars have reported that the day in day out wine drank in the days of Jesus had a very small alcoholic content. I am also not going to try and lay a guilt trip on anyone who has a glass of champagne on New Year?s, a glass of wine with dinner, or a beer every now and then. I have never been one to condemn people for the decisions they make, just try to point them to scripture and let the Holy Spirit deal with them. As I say so often, you cannot force someone to do something. It takes God moving on a person?s heart to make change.

On top of all of the scriptures in the bible that support abstinence from alcohol, I often use 1 Corinthians 6:19.In context, this verse is dealing with our bodies in sexual matters, but it is also appropriate for use in the area of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Rather than preach to you on the issue of alcohol, let me refer simply to that one verse and ask you if you feel it is right to pollute the temple of the Holy Spirit with something as harmful as alcohol that alters your state of mind. I am going to let you pray on that question and work it out with the Lord. For Christians, alcohol also becomes a stumbling block for those nonbelievers in your life. Not only is it harmful to your temple, but is also a bad witness to those you are in contact with.

Never forget, your strongest testimony is how you live your life before others.

Respecting the intelligence of those who receive this devotional every day, I am not feeling led to say anything more about this issue. The supporting scriptures for abstinence are very clear. The reasons to abstain form alcohol are equally clear.

Like everything, it is up to you and the Lord to work it out in your own life. I will tell you, like any bondage, if this happens to be yours, God is able to deliver you.. whenever you are serious about quitting and ready to let Him. I will be in prayer today for you or anyone you know who is struggling with this issue.