Daily Devotional for Tuesday May 23, 2006

A Major Blow to Satan

(Luke 12:48)

Last November 21, when I announced the plans to take the Liveprayer TV program nationwide, I asked for your prayers since I knew the incredible battles we would be facing in the coming months. The last hurdle in making this happen was crossed Monday as several people came up with $990k of the million-dollar advance we needed on the first months advertising revenues so we could make the initial payment to the PAX Network. (I still need one last person who can make a 90-day loan of $100k. You will get back 5% int. plus 2% of the stock in Liveprayer Productions, the for-profit corporation that handles the TV program. Contact me if interested.) I am most grateful to God for sending those who were in a position to help us move forward. Satan is not omniscient so he doesn't know what is happening yet, but that pain he is feeling is from a right hook he just took in the jaw!

For those who have not seen the Liveprayer TV program yet (we now have the previous 5 programs available On-Demand at: http://www.liveprayer.com/archives.cfm ), it is unique to any program that is on television, secular or Christian. First, it is "live" for an hour every Monday thru Friday. Second, there are no guests, the callers are the guests each night. Third, I deal with all the same real day-to-day issues of life from a Biblical perspective that I do every morning in the Daily Devotional, calling sin, sin and not being afraid or ashamed to tell people the Truth that there is only one hope, one answer, and one way to Heaven...JESUS CHRIST! Lastly, I never ask for money, the program is supported 100% by commercial sponsors just like American Idol, Oprah, and every other program you see on secular television.

This is why for the last 38 months of being on TV on major secular network affiliates throughout the state of Florida, over 90% of my audience each night (apx 250,000 viewers) are non-Christians. I get emails every day from people who watch the program who may not agree with the Biblical Truths I share, but they appreciate the fact that I am there to help people, not hustle them. They have seen all the slick-produced Christian programs, seen all the manipulation and games played to get people to give money, and refuse to watch. That is why Christian television is marketed to and geared to people in the church and why over 98% of the viewers are already Christians. The fact I am there night after night simply to give to the viewers, not asking for anything in return, has given me tremendous credibility with the very audience I am trying to reach.

As we move forward with just 41 days until the launch, now more than ever I need your prayers. The level of warfare which is already intense 24/7, is going to be ramped up several notches once we are on all across this nation. Satan is never going to just sit back and allow us to broadcast the Truth of God's Word and the hope we have in Jesus Christ to an entire nation "live" for an hour 5 nights a week on a major secular network to a non-Christian audience without a fight. That is why I am declaring the entire month of June a month of prayer and fasting. I am asking each one of you to commit time every day during June to pray for the TV program, for me, for all who will be working on the program, and for our advertisers. Also, as God leads you, fast during June and use that time to seek God for the lost and hurting souls we will be reaching all over this nation each night.

I am very cognizant each day of the tremendous responsibility the Lord has given me in ministering to the over 2-million people who get the Daily Devotionals each morning and to the 1/4 million viewers of the TV program 5 nights a week. I am very aware of the faith God has placed in me to bring His Truth to a lost and dying nation and am incredibly humbled. God has raised up Liveprayer in these last days to be a voice in the marketplace for Biblical Truth and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. It has been the faithfulness and sacrifice of each person who has prayed for this ministry and given of their earthly treasure since we started in 1999 that has made all of this possible. In just 81 months we have reached tens of millions worldwide with the Gospel and given them hope in their time of need. God is now giving us a platform to reach hundreds of millions more!

As I share this wonderful news with you today, I want you to understand that the same God who has been working in the life of Liveprayer these past 81 months, is the very same God who is working in YOUR LIFE! As you follow Liveprayer each day, you can see that it is never easy. We face challenges and battles each step of the way just like you do in your life. The key, however, is to remain faithful. No matter what the challenge, no matter what the battle, continue to trust in the Lord and don't let your faith waiver. There will be moments when there are no answers. It is in those moment your faith must sustain you as you give it all to God and focus on those things you can do to be faithful while you wait for Him to move in your situation.

As we follow the Lord and serve Him, rarely do things unfold the way we plan. Again, it is in those moments we need to trust God that His plan is better than ours. In the end, do we want our will to be done or His will to be done? As we mature in our faith we learn to give up our will and our desires, for God's will and His desires. There is an incredible peace and freedom when you get to that place. It is no longer you trying to impose your will on God, but allowing God to impose His will on you! One more time. It is no longer you trying to impose your will on God, but allowing God to impose His will on you! When it is our way, it is always a struggle and never quite works out. When it is His way, things always fall into place and work out.

***Let me give you a word of encouragement. If God has called you to do something for Him, press forward and do it. You may face huge obstacles, but there is no obstacle too big for God. Remember, nothing you do for the Lord will happen without a fight. Do you have the courage to stand and fight for what God has called you to do? If you can't fight to answer God's call, how will you ever last when you are faced with the daily battles that occur every day when you are serving Him? God will bless you and honor you as you are faithful and obedient to follow Him!

I love you and care about you so much. I know God has blessed Liveprayer these many months because of the faithfulness and pure hearts of those who pray, sacrifice to give, and work so hard each day to make Liveprayer possible for millions worldwide. I am honored to be able to play a part in such a precious move of the Holy Spirit. All we can ever hope for in this life is to allow God to use our life for His glory. There can be no greater goal for a follower of Jesus Christ. I wake up each morning and pray to be emptied of self and filled with His Spirit so that it is not me that lives, yea, it is Christ that lives in me! I know that I can do no thing, but He can do ALL things!

I am excited about the wonderful opportunity God has given us to reach so many each day who will never go to church, never watch Christian TV, listen to Christian radio or music, read Christian books or magazines, but are lost, hurting, and looking for answers. God has raised up Liveprayer in these last days to bring His Truth to the lost and hurting masses outside the four walls of the church, those who so desperately need to know Christ's love in their life. We will continue to do our best each day to be faithful to the work God has called us to.

I will be praying for you today. As you face the battles in your life each day, never forget that the Lord loves you and has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. He is there with you each step of the way, so never hesitate to lean on Him. When you get to that place when you have done all you can do, that is when your faith in the Lord has to become real. He won't fail you or let you down. His answer may not be the answer you wanted, but it will be the right answer and in the end, God's plan will always work out for the best. Again, my word for you today is to TRUST HIM!