Daily Devotional for Tuesday May 9, 2006

God is Faithful

(Deuteronomy 7:9)

"Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands." (Deuteronomy 7:9)

The word I want you to hear today is that GOD IS FAITHFUL! No matter what you are going through today, no matter what your situation or circumstance may be, you can count on God being faithful. He has not left you, He has not abandoned you, He has promised in His Word to never leave you nor forsake you. God will see you through whatever it is you are facing today. He will give you His strength and courage to endure, and you will walk in His victory in the end. God, not man, will always have the last word!

Note in this wonderful testimony and promise of God's faithfulness from the Book of Deuteronomy it says, "To those who love Him and keep His commands." Do you want to experience the faithfulness of God in your life? The Bible say that if you love Him and if you follow His Word, you have the assurance that God will be faithful! That means no matter what trials or tribulations you may face in your life, continue to love God and obey Him and you have the promise and assurance from God Himself that He will be faithful.

Over 7 years ago God gave me a vision for a live, interactive website to minister to the hundreds of millions of people on the Internet throughout the world. It would be something nobody else was doing. Nobody but the pornographers had a live video feed of a person online 24/7. There were lots of prayer sites, but none were set up to actually email back with personal responses to prayer requests. There were many Devotionals on the Internet, but none really addressed the daily issues of life we all face and were set up to interact with the reader.

When Liveprayer was created in 1999, we had arrangements with two venture capital firms to infuse Liveprayer with apx. $12 million in capital after we hit the 6- month mark. By the time we were 6 months old, the "Dot Com" bubble had bust, both venture firms were bankrupt, and I had no clue how Liveprayer would survive. I continued to do the only thing I knew how and that was to love God, obey His Word and show up each day to faithfully serve Him. Several people who believed in the vision loaned the ministry the money we needed to stay alive in those early months and as we hit the 2-year mark, enough people were donating so that we were able to meet our monthly budget.

When God opened the door over 3 years ago for us to do a "live" TV program for an hour, 5 nights a week, on a major secular network, again, something nobody was or is doing, one man and his wife loaned the ministry $150,000 to cover the first 3 months on the air. I had no idea how we would meet the $40,000/month TV budget after that, but I continued to love God, obey His Word, and be faithful to the work He had called me to do. Of course, God was faithful as we are now into our 39th month now of being on "live" for an hour every Monday-Friday on UPN in Tampa, Florida.

When God opened the door last July to expand to ABC in Miami, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, PAX in Orlando and the WB in Ft. Myers in addition to being on each night in Tampa, I knew this was the opportunity to see the ultimate goal of having the program on nationwide become a reality. I had no idea how we would meet the additional $100,000 each month to the TV budget, but God moved on my heart to start "The 300" and it has been the great sacrifice so far by 77 saints of God that has made the expansion of the TV program possible. I have loved God, obeyed His Word, and been faithful to the work He has called me to do and meeting the TV budget each month has been a testimony of His faithfulness.

In 55 days, 8 weeks from yesterday, God has opened the doors for the Liveprayer TV program to go nationwide "live" every Monday-Friday from Midnight-1 a.m EST on the PAX (now called Ion ) Network. The PDF files at the bottom of this link ( http://www.liveprayer.com/dvd.cfm ) will give you the complete coverage maps which will allow us to reach over 83% of the nation. Our new TV budget will be right at $10 million a year and our Internet budget will increase to right at $1 million a year. Those funds will come 100% from advertising revenues, meaning as of July 1st I will no longer have to ask people to financially support Liveprayer! My goal has never been to see how much money I could raise, only raise what we needed to do what God has called us to do...proclaim His Truth to this lost world and save souls! As I continue to love God, follow His Word and do my best to faithfully serve Him each day, God continues to be faithful exactly as He promised he would!

At every step in the 80+ month history of Liveprayer, God has moved supernaturally to keep His work alive and help us to reach more people. This is actually the final step in the growth of this ministry, and by far the biggest of all. At critical times it has always been someone who God spoke to who was obedient to step up and help us. We are at a critical time right now. Our initial payment to PAX of $708,000 which covers our first 4 weeks starting July 3rd was due May 1st. The catch-22 we are in is that we need the rest of this month and the month of June to tie down our initial 48 advertisers for those first 4 weeks and collect from them. We already have 3 contracts, 7 more contracts out for signature, and moving forward daily on bringing in the rest. (For info on advertising, contact me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com).

Obviously, once the program is actually on the air it will give us much more leverage with future advertisers and the success of the program will translate into the financial success we will need to sustain it. We are confident of that success not based on hope, but based on the ratings and most importantly changed lives by the program over the past 38 months in Tampa and 10 months across the entire state of Florida. It has proven to be a success in the Tampa market, it has proven to be a success across the state of Florida, which is why I am certain it will be a success on a national scale.

*Today, I am asking you to pray with me for God to bring forth the one person who has the financial means and will hear His voice and answer this call. Obviously it would be nice if the $708,000 was a gift to the ministry, but knowing we will have these revues from the advertising dollars by the end of June, I have no problem entering into a 60-day note and pay whatever interest we agree upon. It took several to step up in those very early days of Liveprayer to keep us alive when there was no other way, it took someone to step up to make the Liveprayer TV program a reality over 3 yrs ago, it has taken many key individuals to step up and keep the TV program across the entire state going these past 10 months, and today it is going to be someone who can step up and help us meet this current need. (If God is leading you to help, contact me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com)

Most people are content to watch and read about how others serve God, while a few sacrifice all they have to become the ones the rest watch and read about. Rather than be satisfied reading about history, why not go out and be part of making history? It is no accident or coincidence God has brought you into the life of Liveprayer and you are a big part of the special work of Liveprayer. While I may be the face of this ministry, you and everyone who has invested their prayers and treasure here are the heart, and you storing up great rewards in Heaven!. I serve God first, but I also serve you since you make this all possible. I love God and you, I try daily to obey His Word, and I will continue to be faithful to serve Him and you to the best of my ability knowing God will be faithful because He promised to!!!

I love you and care about you so much. In these past 80+ months, over 120,000 souls we know of have come to know Jesus as their Savior, we have over 2 million praise reports archived (the two at the top are a sampling of the hundreds we get daily!), each day over 2.2 million are ministered to through the Daily Devotional, we send personal responses to over 40,000 emails for prayer every day, and 5 nights a week over 250,000 people watch the "live" TV program. Tens of millions of lives worldwide have heard the Truth of God's word, found hope in their time of need, and had their lives impacted by Liveprayer because friends like YOU love God, obey His Word, and God has been faithful!

Let me be blunt. Satan is boldly telling his lies 24/7 in the marketplace with little opposition. CBS will be airing public service announcements labeling critics of homosexuality as bigots! The Scientology cult is unveiling a new "Super Powers" program to lure more into their cult. God has given me the spiritual guts to go into that same marketplace and call sin sin, warn people of the cults and false religions of this world, tell people that without Jesus they are going to hell, while bringing hope to the hurting and unleashing the power of God in people's lives. Every Monday thru Friday for the past 166 weeks I have been in the TV studio each night faithfully doing this on the Liveprayer TV program.

It is long past time for someone with the spiritual guts to compete with the Oprahs and Phils and Montels of the world, as well as all the rest who are on TV each day giving people false hope and leading them away from Jesus. I have been faithfully serving him with my every breath for over 16 years, paying the price those many years by literally giving my life as a living sacrifice for the work of the Kingdom. I am very aware that God has called me forth and raised me up in this day and hour for this job.

One of my staff asked me the other day what happens if we don't get the $708,000 we need. I told him I had not even thought about it since I know somehow, some way, God will make a way. What is at stake is the eternal souls of people who are heading to hell. Within the first year the TV program will be reaching well over 1 million viewers, the vast majority of them won't be Christians. By the end of the first year we will have well over 5 million subscribers to the Daily Devotional. We will be a loud, bold, and visible voice for Biblical truth that the world will not be able to ignore! We are battling for the souls of men and God will make a way!

It is God that birthed and sustained Liveprayer, not Bill Keller. My job is to love Him, obey Him, be faithful to do the work He has called me to do each day and leave the rest up to Him. Please pray today about letting God use you to be part of the life changing, soul saving work of Liveprayer!

Let me leave you with this word of encouragement. The same God who has been faithful in my life, the same God who has been faithful in the life of Liveprayer, is the very same God ho will be faithful to YOU! The key is to love God, follow His Word, and know that God will be faithful because He said He would!