Daily Devotional for Monday April 10, 2006

A Wave of God's Power is About to be Unleashed

(Numbers 12:6)

"He said, "Listen to my words: "When a prophet of the LORD is among you, I reveal myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams." - (Numbers 12:6 NIV)

One of the ways God has blessed me to be able to operate each day on apx. 4 hours of sleep is the ability to fall quickly into a very deep and sound sleep. Because I sleep so sound, I rarely dream. However, last June I did have a dream that was so vivid, clear, real, and something I have only shared with my wife until now. In this dream, I was standing on a great mountain looking out over the ocean. All of a sudden I saw a wave form that slowly rose up and came crashing into the beach below. Almost immediately a second wave formed that was 5x as big as the first. I watched as that second wave came onto the beach with great force.

Quickly my attention went back to the ocean as I saw a third wave forming. Only this wave continued to grow, and grow, and grow. It became like a huge wall of water, 100x larger than the second wave. I watched as this powerful surge came roaring onto the beach, almost as tall as the mountain I was standing on. It was like a great tsunami and had a deafening roar and incredible power that I had never seen before.

I really never thought much more about the dream until this past Christmas. I was spending some time alone with God one afternoon, praying over the details of the TV program going nationwide when God brought back to my memory that dream I had 6 months earlier. The Holy Spirit showed me the first wave represented the TV program when we started 37 months ago here in Tampa. The second wave represented the expansion last July into Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Ft. Myers/Naples.

The third wave, that large and powerful wall of water as tall as a mountain represented the expansion this coming July when we go nationwide on the PAX Network (now called Ion). God showed me that as we go "live" for an hour 5 nights a week on a major secular television network, it would become a demonstration to this lost and hurting world of God's power while pouring His Truth into a culture and society that has bought into the lies of satan.

While the focus of the program is to interact with the viewers, giving them Biblical counsel, sharing with them the hope of Christ, praying for their needs, it is also a vehicle to bring God's Truth into a marketplace that is pretty much void of Biblical Truth. 24/7 the masses are exposed to the lies of satan on television. They are told homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle, a woman has the right to kill her baby, Jesus was married and had children, there are missing books of the Bible that expose Christianity as a big lie, living together outside of marriage is normal, sex of any kind with anyone is fine, gambling is entertainment, taking drugs and drinking alcohol are how to have fun, and on and on and on the lies are told.

Literally 24/7 on secular television the lost masses who don't go to church and will never watch Christian television are told these lies unabated! Nobody is there sharing with them the Truth from God's Word, telling them there is a better way. That is why this move in July is so critical. It is an opportunity to do what nobody else is doing on a national stage, and that is boldly, without compromise, tell the lost and hurting masses there is Truth found in God's Word and there is hope found in Jesus Christ!

Last Monday night on the TV program, we were about 20 minutes into the program when I took a call from Jose in Miami. Jose came on the line and he said, "I want to kill myself. I have a loaded gun and am going to kill myself." God has blessed me with tremendous discernment. We don't screen the calls on the program and I have no idea what a person is calling about when I bring them on. Obviously, we get a percentage of "crank calls" which is why we have a 7 second delay. However, I knew immediately that Jose was not playing games and was serious.

I spent the next 6-7 minutes talking to Jose, trying to get him to open up about his life and what led him to this moment. He shared that his girlfriend of many years had just broken up with him and that he was heartbroken and really had no desire to keep living. I talked to him about God's love, about how satan was nothing but a liar and only wanted him dead, while God was Truth and wanted him to live. I talked to him about how his life belonged to God and only God had the right to say when his journey was over.

I then had one of my pastors take the call off the air while I prayed for Jose, seeking the Lord to bring peace to his heart and let him tune out the lie of satan telling him to die, but hear God's voice and live. After the program the pastor who took Jose's call was still talking to him. He called me later that night and told me that God had really spoken to Jose and given him a peace, a calm, and that at the end he made the decision to ask Jesus into his heart and life. Amen!!!

Night after night as I drive home from the TV program, I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained. I literally pour everything I have into each night's program as God uses that hour to reach the lost and hurting and literally transform lives. Even after being there every Monday-Friday for 162 weeks now, hearing each phone call, getting the nightly summary of all the emails, talking with our pastors who follow up with so many of the viewers, getting personally involved in many people's lives, I still only get a small glimpse of all God is doing each night.

That is why what we are doing right now is so critical and the opportunity we have is so special. Have you ever asked yourself why NOBODY is on a major secular television network, "live" for an hour 5 nights a week simply sharing the Truth of God's Word and the hope and love of Jesus with people? No telethons, no asking for money every 5 minutes, no "love gifts" to get their address so they can send them mail asking for money, no selling books and tapes, not using the program simply as an infomercial for their crusades and public appearances. Simply a program that brings the lost and hurting masses God's Truth and the love of Jesus!

That is what the Liveprayer television program has been doing for 162 weeks now on UPN in Tampa, and for the past 39 weeks on ABC in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville, the WB in Ft. Myers, and PAX in Orlando. We have proven that people are hungry for Truth and looking for hope since over 1/4 million people watch the program every night. Over 90% of those people do not go to church or read the Bible or know the Lord. Because of what we have experienced these past 37 months, I have no doubt that we will have millions of people all over the nation watching the program each night.

Not only will we be bringing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions to faith in Jesus Christ, we will become a voice in the marketplace for God's Truth that the world won't be able to ignore or tune out. The world will no longer be able to tell its lies without opposition. Just like I have done each night for over 3 years now, I will boldly and without hesitation expose the lies of satan and help lead people out of sin and into righteousness. Trust me, the world as a whole will DESPISE the Liveprayer television program because it despises God's Truth and it despises our Lord!

I love you and care about you so much. After all the trials, all the battles, everything that it took to birth and see Liveprayer.com become such a powerful force on the Internet, I would love to just back off and take it easy. It was a huge move to go on secular television in Tampa 37 months ago and it would have been very easy to simply be satisfied with the success we had in the 12 television market in the country. However, God opened the door for us to expand throughout the rest of Florida on major secular network affiliates last July, so I was obedient and faithful and made the sacrifices necessary to make that happen.

I fought with God for weeks late last year when He said it was time to take this program to the entire nation. If for no other reason, I knew the endless and relentless attacks that would come with doing something so bold and in your face as to take the program we do each night to the entire nation on a major secular network. I argued with God that it would be impossible to pull off financially even if we could find a network who would carry us. He told me to trust Him and do my best and leave the rest to Him.

Just like God gave us favor with UPN in Tampa 37 months ago, just like God gave us favor with the major network affiliates we expanded to last July, God gave us favor with the PAX Network who agreed to sell us the Midnight-1 a.m. EDT time slot on their entire network for the next 10 years. We have signed contracts and are scheduled to launch the program on their network on Monday night July 3rd, just 12 weeks from tonight. We are down to our last 84 days!

Here are the 3 remaining hurdles we face as of today. We are so close to doing something that nobody ever believed would happen, something that only God could have orchestrated. It is one of those sovereign moves of God that you can't manufacture, you can't duplicate, it is something that He does by His power and in His timing. My battles these past few weeks have been intense and focused on these hurdles. I realize that unless we are able to clear each one, all we are trying to do will not happen. That is why I have asked you to pray for me and ask that you continue to pray for me each day. YOUR PRAYERS SUSTAIN ME!

God has given me the responsibility of seeing His work through to its completion and I will continue to give the Lord everything I have each day to make that possible. However, I can't do this alone. I not only need your prayers, but I need those who are able to step up and help me. Now is the time, the opportunity is before us, all of the groundwork has been done, the finish line is in sight, and it is time to lay it all on the line as we press on towards the prize.

Hurdle 1. We are due by April 21st to make our initial payment to PAX of $720,000 to cover the first 4 weeks of programs. These funds will ultimately come from the advertising revenues but the catch we are in is that those revenues won't be coming in until the month of June. So we are looking for someone who can either donate this amount or make a 90-day loan to the ministry for this amount. I know there is one person reading this today who can help me meet this need. Contact me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com if you are in a position to help me.

<<< Be praying. I received this email on Friday 3/31: "Mr. Keller, I am sending this e-mail to you as someone that I am friends with has asked me to write. She is very able and willing to help financially. She has asked that I ask you for a phone number that she can reach you on this evening or first thing in the morning. This evening would be better for her."

I responded and did receive a call the next morning from a woman just north of Atlanta who said she was willing to donate $720,000 to Liveprayer. She stated she had cancer and was not given much time to live. She gave me her first name but not her last and her phone number came up as PRIVATE. When I asked her for her phone number she said she wasn't sure what it was. I made plans to go up and meet her a few days later but received an email from the person who initially emailed me stating her friend had been taken to the hospital and was not doing good. She told me she would keep me posted on her condition.

When I asked for her last name and the name of the hospital, I as told that she wanted her privacy and made donations like this this anonymously. As of yesterday, I was told she is recovering and should be back home soon. Bottom line, I have a file full of people who I know meant well, who offered to send Liveprayer millions of dollars that never materialized. I have no clue if this is false or if it is God, only He knows. So pray for this woman and God's healing in her body and that this is real since this would be a huge answer to prayer and I will keep you posted. >>>

Hurdle 2. Be praying for the 24 advertisers/sponsors we need for the first quarter. We have lots of people out there making contacts, in discussion with many different businesses and organizations, so that whole process really starts in earnest now as we are just 12 weeks out. Be praying over these coming weeks for God's favor as we find 24 advertisers/sponsors to be part of the Liveprayer television program for the first quarters.

*If you have a business or are a decision-maker in a company and want to advertise on this program that will reach over 87% of the homes in the United States, or if you have connections with a company that could advertise on the program and want to earn the 15% commission we are offering, contact me at: bkeller@liveprayer.com .

Hurdle 3. We have to still raise a bit over $1.1 million in these next 12 weeks to cover the balance of our existing television contracts and expenses, our monthly Internet budget, and pay off the balance of our debt-load from the first 2 years of Liveprayer ($500,000). Meeting Bob's challenge will cover $100,000 of that, leaving us needing only 100 units of "The 300" to cover this remaining amount. So be praying about how many units you can take in the coming 12 weeks to help me raise these final dollars we have to raise.

(Note: I am very excited we will be doing something no ongoing major ministry I know of has ever done, and that is as of July 1st not have to raise any funds from individual donors to support our work since under our new financial model 100% of our expenses for television and the Internet will be covered from the advertising revenues. Praise God!)

My freind, the first 2 waves have come crashing into the beach and in their wake are thousands of souls that will be forever in Glory when their journey through life is over, not to mention the hope and encouragement millions have received in addition to bringing God's Truth into the market place. The third wave, that monster wall of water is now forming and preparing to come rushing in with power that has never been seen before. I need your prayers and I need your help as we unleash the power of God on this nation in an unprecedented way this July!