Daily Devotional for Monday November 21, 2005

Praise Report

(Matthew 5:23)

MAJOR PRAISE REPORT AND ANNOUNCEMENT! For those of you who have been part of the Liveprayer family for a while, you know I love praise reports. Our archive of praise reports is well over 1.7 million and growing every day. They are a testimony to God's mercy and grace, a testimony to His faithfulness! The wonderful thing about a praise report is that you have to tell everyone you know. That is why I am excited to be able to share with you this morning a GREAT praise report and answer to one of the prayers I have prayed faithfully every day for over 6 years now.

Over the next 4-5 weeks, all of the details will be worked out for the Liveprayer television program to be seen nationwide on a major secular TV network beginning next July! Early next year I will be free to give you all of the specifics. But wait, that is not even the best news. Once we go nationwide, the program will be supported 100% by commercial sponsors and will produce a windfall significant enough that Liveprayer.com and the Liveprayer TV program will never have to rely on donations to survive again! Even though I have never asked for a dime in nearly 3 years on the TV program, this will mean that I will not have to ever ask for money again from those we minister to on the Internet either! This has been a day that I have prayed for for so long, and it is only a short 7 months away!

I truly believe God has honored the commitment of this ministry to not turn His work into another Christian marketing business, exploiting those we minister to for financial gain. I know God has honored our commitment to pour all that we receive into reaching the lost and hurting, not using it to build buildings that will one day be rubble, buy jet planes, or to live like the ruler of a small nation. We have done our best each day to be faithful to the work God has called us to, walk in faith by simply sharing our needs and trusting God to provide which allows God, not the wisdom of man, to be glorified for the provision for His work here at Liveprayer!

Reaching the entire nation "live" for an hour 5 nights a week will increase the number of Daily Devotional subscribers from our current level of just under 2.1 million to well over 5 million in just the first year! We will easily go from handling over 40,000 emails for prayer daily to over 100,000 emails for prayer daily. By reaching the nation daily through the TV program and the expanded outreach that will bring to our Internet ministry, Liveprayer is going to become an even more prominent voice for Truth in the marketplace. The Word tells us in Matthew 5 that, "you have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things." I am humbled as God continues to trust me to bring His Truth and hope through Christ to the lost and hurting in this world each day.

The key to all of this lies in these next 7 months. Having been on the UPN affiliate in Tampa for 33 months now, on the other major network stations in Florida for the past 5 months, we will have 40 months of ratings in the Tampa market and 1 year of ratings in the other Florida markets that will enable us to attract the advertisers and sponsors we need as we go national in July. So that makes these next 7 months critical as we will start preparing right after the first of the year for the national launch the first of July. That may sound like a long time from now, but it is only 31 weeks and will be here before we know it.

This wonderful news and incredible open door from the Lord only makes our immediate needs that much more critical, since failing to continue to keep the program going would all but kill this deal. We must have the ratings and continuity on the air in all these markets over the next 7 months for it all to work. But after nearly 75 months of having to expend so much time, energy, just to raise the money necessary to keep Liveprayer going, not to mention the calluses on my knees from the hours and hours of praying and seeking God, just knowing that all I have to do is raise this final $1.8 million is like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't even begin to put into words what a relief this will be for me personally to not have this ongoing burden, and how much more effective I will be in doing what I love to do, ministering to the needs of people and leading the lost to faith in Christ.

I love you and care about you so much. I am so grateful for your ongoing love, prayers, and support of all God is doing here every day at Liveprayer. We have 7 months, $1.8 million to be raised, and Liveprayer will be where I always prayed it would be. Ministering to the nation "live" 5 nights a week on a major secular TV network, reaching 5 million plus people worldwide every day through the Daily Devotional, and all of the costs involved being covered by the commercial sponsors of the TV program!!! No fund raising on TV or the Internet, no books, tapes, vitamins or other merchandise being sold, simply the Gospel being preached without compromise and the hope of Christ offered to the hurting masses without asking them for anything in return. Imagine a major international ministry that never asks for money, has no mailing list, doesn't sell books, tapes, or other products, ONLY MINISTERS TO THE NEEDS OF PEOPLE AND LEADS THE LOST TO CHRIST!

Over these past 75 months now, millions of people have prayed for Liveprayer and thousands have sacrificed to make it possible for us to be here for literally millions of people worldwide every day. Over 110,000 people we know of have accepted Christ as their Savior since we started, and we have over 1.7 million praise reports in our praise report archive. God has blessed us GREATLY with much fruit for our efforts. Every person who has prayed one prayer, every person who has given even $1, will have a crown waiting for them in Glory for the part they played in God's work here at Liveprayer.

The exciting thing, however, is that all we have done these past 75 months has been simply the foundation for what Liveprayer is still to become in the future. It is on this solid foundation that we will now reach the entire nation on a major secular TV network, "live" for an hour 5 nights a week, bringing the lost and hurting outside the 4 walls of the church the Truth of God's Word and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. It will expand the outreach of Liveprayer.com to reach millions more every day around the world, ministering to them in such a personal and profound way through the Daily Devotional. I have never set out to silence the lies satan tells, only have the ability to tell those same people the Truth so they have a choice. We are doing that now, but our voice is about to get much louder and heard by many more people!

Please be praying for me. I need your prayers now more than ever as we put together the final details for this nationwide launch in July. Pray for God to guide me in each decision, and for the Lord to continue to give us favor as we move forward. Pray even now for each advertiser and sponsor, that God would bless them abundantly for their involvement with Liveprayer. Pray for their businesses to be richly blessed. Lastly, pray for us to meet the schedule above in bringing in the final 180 units of "The 300." Obviously everything hinges on us meeting these needs over the coming days, weeks, and months. So please pray for God to move on the hearts of those who can come along side and help me in this area. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, so this final $1.8 million we have to raise is nothing for God!

Thank you so much. You will never know how special you are to me. I sincerely wish I could hug each one of you. It is a great joy for me to be able to meet those I do and share a hug. You mean so much to me, more than you will ever know. It is the joy of my life to do what I do each day, to stand with you in your hour of need and to partner with you in bringing God's Truth and Christ's love to this lost and hurting world we live in. The work is before us, let us be found faithful upon His coming! May you and your family continue to be richly blessed as we press forward while it is yet light. It is Thanksgiving week, and I have SO MUCH to be thankful for today!