Daily Devotional for Thursday February 3, 2005

The Truth shall Set Them Free

(John 8:32; 2 Thessalonians 2:10)

My friend, one of the greatest concerns that I have about our society, is the failure to accept the fact that ABSOLUTE TRUTH exists. Life is NOT gray; it is black and white. It is either the truth or it is a lie. That begs the question, where do we find ABSOLUTE TRUTH? Society will tell you that each person should each be able to determine for themselves what truth is. That sounds wonderful, but practically speaking can?t ever work. Why? Well, what I feel is right, someone else might look at as wrong. What I think is wrong, someone else may think is right. To allow each one of us to determine for ourselves what truth is can NEVER work since the standard for each one of us is different.

That is why the ONLY source for ABSOLUTE TRUTH is God. God took the effort to give us His inspired, inerrant Word. That is where we find ABSOLUTE TRUTH. God also gave each one of us free will. That means we are free to believe whatever we want. But what one person chooses to believe will not change or alter the TRUTH of God found in the Bible. It is immutable, never changing. It is the foundation, the bedrock on which we can live our very lives. Again, you are free to accept of reject what God says in the Bible. Why do you think those who make choices in rebellion to the truth of God?s Word will ALWAYS dismiss the Bible as just a book of stories written by men who use it for their own purposes? Those who rebel against God have to deny the Bible or admit they are wrong.

It is critical for each one of those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to stand up for the truth of God?s word in your day-to-day life. God has called us to be the defenders of His truth. Don?t be afraid to call sin, sin. People will mock you, laugh at you, call you names, even strike you, but that will not change the truth. We live in a time when the LIE is glorified, proclaimed boldly every way imaginable, and told enough times that people actually begin to accept the lie as the truth. Yet, we, the people of faith, the people who possess the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of God?s Word, meekly and passively sit by, watching, keeping our mouth shut, satisfied going into our churches on Sunday and locking the doors so nobody will hear us!!!! I WANT TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TODAY TO CHALLENGE EACH PERSON WHO READS THESE WORDS TODAY TO PRAY TO GOD, AND ASK HIM FOR COURAGE, BOLDNESS, AND OPPORTUNITIES TO BE ABLE TO SHARE WITH OTHERS THE TRUTH OF HIS WORD. You don?t have to preach to do this, simply live your day-to-day life in an uncompromising way that lets the lost and hurting around you know your life is different. You don?t buy into the lies of this world. You don?t fall into the traps so many do because you are armed with the TRUTH. When the opportunities present themselves, boldly speak up and let people know what God says! God doesn?t call us to think for people. God doesn?t call us to save anyone. We can?t do that. What we CAN DO is share the truth of His Word with others, that is our job. What they choose to do with that truth, then becomes an issue for them and God. ALSO, I KNOW MANY PASTORS READ THIS DEVOTIONAL EACH DAY. TO THOSE WHO GOD HAS CALLED TO DO HIS WORK AND BE GENERALS IN HIS ARMY, LET ME SAY THAT I UNDERSTAND THE TRIALS THAT YOU FACE EACH DAY. BUT THE ONE THING THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO GOD IS COMPROMISE. HEAR THIS WORD FROM HIM TODAY! IN ALL THAT YOU DO, THE ONE THING THAT YOU MUST NEVER DO, IS COMPROMISE THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF HIS WORD. TELL IT LOUD, TELL IT CLEAR, TELL IT BOLDLY, TELL IT WITH LOVE, AND NEVER COMPROMISE THE TRUTH OF HIS HOLY WORD! I love you and care about you so much. I will be praying for you today to be bold in declaring the truth of God?s word in your day to day life. Never forget, it is friends like YOU that allow me to share the TRUTH of God?s Word each and every day with over 2 million people worldwide. This is perhaps the greatest vehicle ever known to man to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with people. YOU make it possible for me to be there for them in their time of need. Together, we are making an impact in millions of lives by sharing with them the truth. We are helping people find the ABSOLUTE TRUTH God gives us in His Word!!!