Daily Devotional for Friday January 21, 2005

Sharing How Good and Great our God Is

(Acts 4:20; Revelation 12:11)

By far the Devotional everyone looks forward to is the 4 times a year I share some of the incredible praise reports we receive every single day here at Liveprayer. One of the things that I wish I could do, is let you read all of these great praise reports.

Even though we deal with email names and unseen people, I never forget for a moment that there is a very REAL person in need at the other end that God loves very much. It is amazing each day to see God healing people, restoring marriages, providing necessary finances, and meeting every kind of need imaginable.

We currently have an archive of over 1,500,000 Praise Reports that we have received in over 64+ months of ministry here on the Internet. Satan hates the "word of testimony" because it gives people hope. No matter what you are facing in your life today, never forget that the same God who has brought someone else out of the valley and led them to victory, is the very same God that will lead YOU out of the valley and to victory. Please enjoy this special Devotional of PRAISE REPORTS.

"I am writing to thank you for giving me the opportunity to confess that I am a sinner and giving my life to JESUS CHRIST. After following the link in today's message I found this prayer and was immediately drawn to reading it."

"Every prayer I have ever requested at your web site has been answered. 1. A young baby was healed and didn't need a heart operation. 2. My brother-in-law returned home and then accepted Christ as his Savior. You do a good job and are one of God's mighty ones. God Bless You."

"I sent for a prayer request back in early Nov.-- for the Lord to restore my marriage & to bring my husband back to serving the Lord... My husband only attended church on Sun. mornings,& are marriage was on the rocks...So much has transpired in our lives since then...My husband started attending church Sun. morning/night; Prayer service on Mon.night & service on Thurs. evening. We have also been assigned as the door greeters for Thurs. night! Wow!!! And my marriage--well, after 10yrs.,we're behaving like newlyweds!!! Although, I stood firm on the Word of God (Deut. 31:6 - "I will never leave you nor forsake you"). I'm still in awe on how fast HE responded to my prayers. Bill, thank you for your love & prayers."

"I just wanted to thank you and your prayer groups, how much I appreciate your prayers and love. Something miraculous has happened, after 10 weeks of ChemoTherapy, Linda had her CT Scan, and the Oncologists words were "I know what the original CTScan revealed, three masses of Cancer, Stage four, and I see a miracle today, after checking her CT Scan, I cannot find any trace of Cancer at all, and I have conferred with a Radiologist to confirm my findings, and he agrees" Prayer is powerful, and so is our GOD, Thank you so much for caring."

"I emailed you a couple of weeks ago asking for prayer for my father, Dennis. He was told through several cat scans that he had lymphoma. He had a biopsy done last Thursday. The results came back today. It was clear. No cancer! Praise God! The doctor could not explain it and told him he got "lucky", but my dad was happy to let him know, that indeed he did receive a MIRACLE!"

"Hey, I just thought I'd tell you that I made my decision to accept Christ and begin with my walk with God Jan 17, 2005, the day before my birthday. Some of your devotionals have taught me that God is really there and wanting an intimate relationship with me. Thanks. Glory to God."

"I would like to thank God for helping me find a job right after I got out of college. I was very worried about finding one and I even asked for prayer from one of your people on the live feed. It turned out that the first day I started looking for a job after I got out of school I got a call about a job that ended up being the job I accepted. It was even better than what I expected to find. Thanks for your prayers."

"I've been in prayer this morning and opened my bible again, and it feels good to be on the way back to obedience. The Lord has been speaking to me through you for several months now as I took 2 steps forward and 3 steps back over and over again. This time, I heard you. Rather I should say, I heard Him, and I will obey. Bless you for being the messenger... again and again. Your ministry is so desperately needed in this world. Never give up."

"Bill Keller, thank you so much for all your daily devotional prayers. I have read the prayer bdysalvatn.html, please send me information in my new life with Christ. May God Bless you always."

"Bill, Just wanted to share the good news. My husband Tim is back from Iraq after more than four months. Praise be to God! Thanks to all my brothers and sisters in Christ at LivePrayer for their prayers. Contrary to my nature I have been at peace over most of these past months and I believe it's because of Gods intervention. Thanks again:)"

"Hi Bill, I've started watching your show when I was up one night in May 04 crying and hurting. I'm still going through my trials and tribulations but watching you every night have gotten me a closer relationship with the lord. My faith has increased and I am happy to say that I am saved. Even so all of my material things, job, transportation, boyfriend, financial stablebility, and some of my friends were taken away from me. My heart has soften, my eyes are opened, I am walking with GOD, and I know where I am going if die today. All of that is enough to turn my tears into a smile because I now have that innerpeace that I always heard about."

"Around a year ago I emailed you about my struggles with pornography, I am glad to share that through your devotional last year about this subject and through the strength Christ has provided I have been able to truly have victory in this area of my life."

"I have to tell you that your devotional over a month ago on secret sin, as well as your devotional today on porn, have literally saved my life. I have asked the Lord to deliver me from this awful sin, and He has!! He has given me the courage to walk away from the Adult sections of Yahoo, as well as some other sites. Thanks so much for the devotionals, please keep challenging me in my Christian walk!!!"

"I asked you and many others to pray about a job for my husband and God has answered far better than we ever expected. Praise His Holy Name!"

"Your letters have saved me from doing stupid things with my life a few times. If I ALWAYS heeded them, I'd be a lot better off. But they are an inspiration and I look forward to them daily. Thanks again for the great work you do for Him."

"I can never "Thank You" enough for listening to the calling of Jesus into your life. I feel certain that without you and your personal responses in my life in the past 2 years, I may have committed suicide. Please keep the line of prayer open to all of us in your need."

"I wanted to let you know that today a knock came to my front door and there stood a delivery man from the local florist. My son and his wife and the boys send us the most beautiful floral arrangement for Christmas. I have inserted a photo of the gift. I had asked for prayers because my son has cut me out of his gift giving for the past four years. Thank you for all your prayers and God does answer our prayers. Praise the Lord."

"Well Praise the Lord ,my Brother!!....God's again showing his Glory in my life...the call we were waiting for about the van came through tonight....we got blessed with a 7 passenger van with built in carseats....for my family my twins...Hallelujah!!!!!!! ....God did it again...oh and my husband went for an interview yesterday and it looks promising!!!!...well needed to share this awesome move of God in our life!!! Thank you for faithfully praying for me and my family....again ."

"I'm praising GOD today because last week I asked for prayer I was out of work for weeks and today all my bills have been paid, my cupboards are stuffed , I work this Friday PRAISE GOD,PRAISE GOD A special thank you to BILL KELLER for your prayers may GOD bless all prayer warriors for prayer is truly powerful."

"I prayed that the Lord would enter my heart a take away the sins I have committed against Him. I pray that I follow in His footsteps and follow in His way. Thank you for sending a wonderful invitation to the Lord's arms."