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Date: 01/25/00 - 6693 days ago.
Category: MIRACLES

God Is Still In The Miracle Business

(LUKE 1:37)

God is still in the miracle business. You do not have to read the Bible much to know that one of the most effective ways God shows Himself is through His miracles. If you doubt the existence of God, you only need to look at some of the incredible miracles He has performed, not only those recorded in His Word, but in the lives of people throughout history, even some people you may know. These are not Hollywood stunts or acts of magic, but real, (no other explanation for them) miracles. It has been interesting in the last few years to see some of the secrets behind how the great illusionists of our time perform their work. Acts of magic that seem to be real have been exposed to show us how we were tricked. In the book of Acts, we read about Simon the Sorcerer who tried to buy the power of God, realizing what having that kind of power would mean. But God's miracle power is not for sale. It is not something you can snap your fingers and make happen. It is His way of showing this lost and sinful world that He is God Almighty, creator of all things.

Often in our life, we depend on a miracle from God to get us through a difficult situation. Many situations we find ourselves in can only be solved with a God-breathed miracle. In many health situations, there is nothing else a doctor can do. Only a miracle from God can make that person whole again. In many marriages and other relationships, only God miraculously intervening can bring reconciliation. Often in our finances, events take place that nothing short of a financial miracle can cure. In my years of ministry, I have seen God perform many miracles. Most of the time, they were performed as people prayed and extended their faith to God. In the Bible as Jesus performed His miracles, He usually commented that it was the faith of the person that had brought about the miracle. I can only tell you that the fastest way to move the hand of God is by putting your entire faith and trust in Him. If you need a miracle today, your faith is the key to seeing God's power at work in your life and situation.

I am so excited to announce that in the first months of Liveprayer.com, we have seen many miracles in the lives of people who have come to us in their hour of need. To help people extend their faith and know God's power in their time of great need, you can now come to the Liveprayer.com Miracle Center, located on our home page at www.liveprayer.com. I have taken the top three areas most people need God's miracle-working power in their life, healing, relationships, and finances. When you click on the area that you need to see a miracle occur in your life or in the life of someone you love, a special television screen will appear for you to watch. Push the play button, and I will appear with a special message to encourage your faith. You can then join me in a special prayer for your miracle. My friend, this is not magic. It is simply a vehicle to bring forth your faith, to give you the strength to pray and believe God for your miracle. There is no doubt in my mind that many miracles will be seen in our Miracle Center each and every day, not because of anything we are doing, but because you have been challenged to believe and trust God, your faith has been extended, and the hand of God is moved to bring forth your miracle. I love you and care about you deeply. I encourage you to visit our new Miracle Center. Come with a mind to trust and believe God for the miracle you need in your life or in the life of someone special to you. The only thing that can slow God from working in your life is your lack of faith. All things are possible with God!


If you claim to believe in God, then you must also believe in His ability to work miracles. His greatest miracles occur in the lives of people. Don't let your lack of faith keep you from receiving your miracle today. Come to the Liveprayer.com Miracle Center and receive all God has for your life. He has great things for your life if you simply have the faith to believe. Today, is the day of your miracle . . . just believe.

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