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Date: 03/10/04 - 5218 days ago.
Category: PROPHECY

Presidential Prophecy Follow-up - Part I

(Proverbs 1:23-33; Jeremiah 26:3; Amos 5:4-6; 2 Chronicles 36:16)

This is the first time in over 54 months of Liveprayer that I have felt the need to devote two entire Devotionals to follow up one from the previous day. I can honestly say Monday was one of the most difficult days for me personally since Liveprayer started in August of 1999, and I felt the need to clarify several points from the Monday 3/8 Devotional. Dealing with the vast array of issues that I handle on a daily basis, many issues that the church will simply not talk about, I am used to lots of response, much of it highly emotional and critical. However, there was more response from Monday's Devotional than anything I have ever written. If you missed that Devotional, you can read it at: www.liveprayer.com/pp.htm .

First of all, I will NOT apologize for anything that I said Monday. I will NEVER apologize for telling you what God has told me to say no matter how many people may be upset with me. The fact is, I have to answer to God one day, not man, and He will hold me accountable for my faithfulness to the work He has given me to do. As I have shared with you often, one of the biggest problems we have in the church today are pastors who are afraid to lead. They are afraid to say what God had told them to say because it may upset their Board, or it may cause some people to leave the church, or even worse it may cause some people to withhold their financial support. To you pastors I remind you that in the end it is not your Board or those in your congregation you have to answer to, but it is God!

Anyone who reads what I write each day should know by now that I am not some nutcase starting a cult, that I don't espouse some false theology, but all that I share with you each day is tied directly to the Word of God. It was during several hours of prayer on the evening of Tuesday, March 2nd that God showed me what I shared with you in Monday's Devotional. I am very well aware of who my audience is. Of the little over 1.9 million subscribers, 2/3 are Christians, the 1/3 are not. Right at 80% are Republicans. I spent many agonizing days wrestling with God over sharing this word about the election with you.

I knew that there would be many people who simply would refuse to receive it. I knew many people would be very hostile towards me for saying such a thing. I knew that it would cause many people to stop reading the Daily Devotional. I also knew that it would cause many people to stop financially supporting Liveprayer. Knowing all of this, I had EVERY reason to simply shut up and write about something else on Monday. I had NOTHING to gain and much to lose by sharing that message. But God asked me who I was trying to please, man or Him? Who did I fear more, man or Him? Who was my faith and trust in, man or Him? Who was my provider, man or Him? Finally, the big question, DID I BELIEVE HIM? After answering those questions there was really no decision to make. You will be faced with these questions from time to time also.

Let me clear up a few things. The fact I stated President Bush would not be re-elected was NOT a personal attack on him. As a matter of fact, what I wrote Monday was not even a political commentary, it was a SPIRITUAL one. I am very close with many people who know President Bush and I know first hand he has accepted Christ. I am also aware that he has done many wonderful things during his time in office. I am also very well aware of the difficulty in getting things accomplished in Washington, especially on the 6 issues I outlined.

But here are the facts. It was GOD that put President Bush into office. He not only lost the popular vote, but it took 30 days of heavy spiritual warfare before he was finally declared President. GOD DID THAT. He came into office with the hand of God all over him. Even though he is a political leader, because of the serious spiritual problems we had facing our nation after 8 years of President Clinton, God called him to play a role in helping to make a difference in several key spiritual issues. When you have the favor of God on you, you can accomplish ANYTHING, regardless how impossible it may seem.

9/11 was a horrific and tragic experience for our nation and was the most unique time in our nation's history. It was a time when President Bush had the nation's attention and could have asked the people to turn back to God and the Biblical foundation our country was founded on. This was a special opportunity God gave a political leader to make a real difference in the spiritual life of our nation and President Bush failed. He either was not spiritually mature enough to realize the power of God was upon him, or he chose to not tackle the very real, pressing spiritual issues our nation is dealing with.

Because I shared what God showed me, I have been accused of working for John Kerry, of causing people not to vote, and for being the reason if President Bush is not re-elected. First, if you read ALL that I wrote Monday, I clearly outlined the spiritual abyss this nation will fall into under a Kerry administration. *As I do every year, I will mobilize a massive prayer effort that will be well over 2 million people this year to pray for men and women after God's heart to be elected and encourage people to get out and vote for those people who will help to bring our nation back to Biblical principles. Lastly, it will be God who determines who the next President is, not Bill Keller.

I am also very well aware that Pat Robertson has predicted President Bush will win in a landslide. The fact is, on November 9th, either Pat Robertson or Bill Keller will be wrong. I have clearly stated in the past that the penalty for a false prophet is to be stoned to death. I support that standard and am willing, I wonder if Pat is. Like most who say they hear from God and have been wrong, Pat has always found an excuse why he was wrong and just keeps on going. The fact is, God is NEVER WRONG. One of us is a false prophet! I will make NO EXCUSES.

I fully realize that I have put 12 years of my life in full time service to the Lord, the last 54 months working 7 days a week to build a vehicle that is taking the truth of God's Word to millions worldwide every day, on the line. I have chosen to not go the traditional ministry route of preaching to the choir where it is safe. I have rejected selling out the Gospel for the millions it could bring in each year. I only have my faith in God and the credibility I have worked so hard over the years to establish with those who are part of Liveprayer. If I am wrong, I should be considered a false prophet. There are sentinel moments in our lives, and sentinel moments in our work for the Lord. This is one of those for me. Liveprayer is HIS ministry not mine and this is a time for me to test my own faith in the Lord.

I love you and care about you so much. Some have accused me of giving up. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would NEVER give up because our hope is not in a man, but in God . I measure victories in souls, NOT votes. God's work will continue until the end of this age regardless who the President of the United States is, or if there even is a United States. The fact is, on November 9th God will give the people what they want. I have shared in the past that this is no longer a Christian nation. We are no different than the children of Israel. We started out honoring God, we slowly moved away from God, rejecting Him for the gods of the world. God has given us many opportunities to turn back to Him but we have refused and are owed His judgment.

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