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Date: 11/13/99 - 6766 days ago.

Blessing Others

(Psalm 68:19)

Blessing others. Here is a spiritual truth for you to think about today. God blesses you so that you can bless others. Those of you that have received these daily devotionals for a while notice that I often speak of serving others. That is because God has put us here to serve Him, which means serving others. We are His hands, His feet. We are His living breathing testimonies. Our transformed lives testify to the fact that God is real. The greatest impact you can have on another person usually is not what you say, but the things that you do.

Today is going to be very simple. My challenge to you is to do two things. First, think of one person in your life today, a friend, schoolmate, coworker, neighbor, someone you play sports with...someone that you can reach out to in Christ-like love and do a good deed for. I do not know what that would be, but you know the person the Holy Spirit is laying on your heart, and you know the exact act that would show that person you care for them. Do not go to bed tonight without accepting this challenge and fulfilling it. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but God can use your one small act of kindness to open someone's heart.

Second, there are at least two people in your life that could use a word from God each day. We have a new process now to sign-up for these devotionals. You still go to our website, www.liveprayer.com and hit the button marked FREE DEVOTIONAL. You enter the information required and then that person receives a confirmation request they must respond to to actually start receiving the devotional. So many of you were signed up by friends and family members and know the blessing this daily word from God has been, I am sure there are at least 2 people who can benefit from a very relevant Biblical-based devotional on real-life issues we all face. You may never know until you get to Heaven how a person's life may have been changed by God speaking to them at a very critical time in their life.

I love you deeply. I appreciate the prayers, words of encouragement, and support you have shown to me and this ministry more than you will ever know. We fight daily, never forgetting it is His battle, not ours. Your encouragement, prayers, the praise reports mean so much to me. It helps me keep going when it appears God has left us all alone. You know that feeling, right? Of course, that is crazy. We leave Him, He never leaves us. I pray for you daily, and believe God for the needs in your life to be met each and every day. For all He has done for you, go out today, and do something for someone in His name....bless at least 2 people by getting them this devotional each day....and never forget that you are not to hoard the blessings of God but share them.

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